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Late talker? Lock Rss


I was just wondering if any of you had late talkers?

My daughter is 2 yrs and 2 months and is still not really talking. I was told by child and youth health not to worry till she was 2 1/2. But i keep getting alot of comments like shes a quiet one or is she deaf (which she isnt)and why isnt she talking yet etc.

Shbe does talk baby talk and has some words she says, dada, nan, pa, car, ta, go, buba and a few others, about 15 in total and she even put them into a sentence eg buba car ta, and buba go car. She hardly ever says mum. She also knows what lots of things by name and makes animal sounds and kind of sings.

I show her things and tell her what they are and she makes an attempt to copy. She said shoes the other week twice and hasnt said it since.

Any one else have a similar situation?
Hi there,
I know how you feel ...My DD has just turned two and only in the last 2 months has she started saying a few words,she only ever said da, ta, dunno, she has recently started started more cheese ball hot and a few others No Mummy which makes me sad I was quite concerned so I made an appointment with a speech specialist which I'm going to this week it took two months to get in and see so I'd suggest you might want to make an appointment just to make sure she's not tongue tied or there is another problem ...It gets quite frustrating when people talk to her and I say she doesn't talk yet ....especially as she is quite tall for her age ppl think she is older ... i also read to her and talk to her about everything which she comprehends ...That is what I was more concerned about Her comprehension which is fine just perservere with all your efforts and hopefully (fingers crossed)she'll improve ...good luck .....cheers

Hi there

At 2 years my DS had maybe 5 or 6 words. Once he turned 2 we started seeing a speech therapist. We had to go privately which wasn't cheap but the waiting list for the council service was about 8 months. He is now 2 and 5 months and now has about 45 to 50 words ( not that he ises them all consistently)and is really in the last week starting to take off and try and copy everything. We even had a three word sentence this week. Dada car gone. I literally almost fell off my chair!! It's really hard to know whether the speech therapy has been the key or whether he would have just started anyway when he was ready but I definitely think at least that we got lots of good tips from the therapist and at the very least he has a ball when he goes there as she has sone awesome toys LOL. So I guess what I am trying to say is I really don't think there is any reason to be too concerned at this stage but I at least got some peace of mind from seeing a therapist as I felt we were being a bit proactive. Hope that helps.

Mum to Charlie (25/5/06) and Isla (22/5/08)

Yep, i agree to get onto the waiting list for speech therapy. Ask your community nurse about it- the list for ours is about 9 months.

My DS was only saying 2-3 words at 2. He will be 3 soon and he is up to 3 word sentences. He just started coming along in leaps and bounds particularly over the past two months. Don't forget that some kids jut wake up one day and will start using full sentences!

Its a good sign that she is trying. I think it would be more concerning if she was showing no signs at all. When we had the assessment with the therapist she gave tips like reading a lot, talking to ds a lot even if he didn't understand- most of the other tips probably wont help you as by the time we got our assessment ds was using probably 50 words so we were working on expanding it rather that starting- if that makes sense.

I understand how difficult it can be- especially when they get upset cause they don't have the words to communicate what they need.

Good Luck!
My son is 3 next month and he has only just started to say 3-4 word sentences. I was very worried when he was 2 1/2 as well as he had only about 20 words he could say. I too took him to a speech pathologist privately and it is only in the last month or so that he has come in leaps and bounds. I took him for a hearing assessment which he would not sit for but some children are just slower than others to talk. With the cost of the Private Speech Pathologist, did you know you can claim carer allowance? Speak with your Speech path about it because I get it $100 fortnight which almost covers his appointments.

Julie, SA, mum to Thomas born 21/11/05


well apparently I have a severe delayed speech development in my son. He was 2 last month and only has about 12 words. I voiced my concern to my GP who suggested I go see a speech therapist as they may give me some good tips to help him along. Well I went today (thus my search on and was told the above as well that I can claim a carers allowance and that at his age he should have around 500 words. I come out of the consultation in tears and totally freking out and have been so upset all day. It depends on what you read as to how many words they should say and Im just really confused and just feel shitty!!

So Yes im in the same boat. My sons says, mamma, dadda, bubba, car, toot toot, up, dirty, two, go, mimi (his grandma) cant remeber that other two words. and the only sentence he says is mumma's. or dadda's or mimi's car. He understands instructions, says animal noises and if I ask him where things are in a picture book he knows.

proud mummy of beautiful smiley baby boy and delic

Your toddlers all sound perfectly normal to me!!!

Please don't be concerned....get help if you think it's needed and go on a waiting list for a speachy, you have nothing to loose.

Read to your little ones and talk to them constantly but to me they all sound in the "normal age range" to start putting concepts together.

Imagine how hard it is for them to not only remember 1000's of words but to try and make the sounds with their little mouths....lots of encouragement for attempts go along way.

My little nephew is 18 months and only said doda for Daddy and he calls everything doda when he wants Daddy to come home, sooo cute

Enjoy your little ones and be proud of their achievements big or small smile

Mum of three amazing people

would love to know how you get the carers allowance? Do you have an actual diagnosis/label for your child?

Jilly, Qld, Mum to Amy 14/12/05 & Rebecca 20/7/07

My little boy is 20 months old and up until the last few weeks only said 'dadda'. He wouldn't respond to instructions, wouldn't make animal noises, couldn't point to pictures in a book when asked to, wouldn't even look if I said 'look at the birdy', etc. We had his hearing tested as he has had quite a few ear infections and glue ear. It seems that he has had fluctuating hearing over his little life. We have seen a speech pathologist who has given us some wonderful advice. In the last few weeks his vocabulary has increased to 6 words, he can (but won't always) say 'woof woof'. He says 'daddy' for the ducky noise, but consistantly says it when asked what the ducky says. He can sign 'more' and 'finished' (we are trying sign language as well) and will pass an item to someone if asked to. We are so excited about his improvements.
Hope all of your little ones start talking soon ... one day we will probably be wishing that they would be quiet smile

Thanks for the support, i have been to teh doctoer who was dubious when i mentioned speech therapy.

So he did some other tests for hearing and to judge how smart she is, wich was just matching colours, finding things he asked for copying movements etc.

I was told she was very intelegent and cominicated very well and probably just didnt feel the need to speak.

I told him thank you very much but iwould still apreciate a referal, as i live in the country we have one that travels from the city and i guessed correctly that it has a long waiting list.

So i am eading more to her and i tell her the name for everything, people look at me weird when we walk by cause i am saying things like blue car, yellow flower, noisy motorbike etc.

Hi jilly

My speech therapist told me in the first 5 mins that I can get a carers allowance because my sons speech is SEVERELY DELAYED. I would have preferred her not say this as I have been worried sick since his evaluation last week. Maybe it depends on you therapist, mine clearly thinks 12 words is severe because she told me he should be saying 500.She has told me to go to centrelink and get a carers pack whcih she will fill out and my GP has to sign.

proud mummy of beautiful smiley baby boy and delic

Thanks for that. My daughter is almost 3 and says about 6 words, and very rarely says them so I would assume she is severely delayed as well ( hope you didn't take offense to me asking) but I was told my daughter had to have a label on her to receive it but I will now look into it further!



Jilly, Qld, Mum to Amy 14/12/05 & Rebecca 20/7/07

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