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14months learning to walk Lock Rss


I wonder if anyone can shed some lights for me. My 14months daughter is learning to walk. At the moment, we have one of those little cars that she can hold and push it as she walks. But the problem is the car is too light, I have to put some pressure in the steering wheel so the car won't "run" when she push it.
Is there anything that you've used before or using now that you found helpful in helping the little one learning to walk?

many thanks.

When my DS was learning to walk we used a walker which was heavy enough not to tip up when he stood up with it. Also try putting items such as heavy chairs together and move them apart slightly so she has to reach to get across....

I had a lawn mower walker which was no good because it was too light, have a look on Ebay for a better walker..

Try getting her to walk holding your hands and also to people so if you and DH/DP try getting her to walk between you both..

All the best

I had a fisher price walker thing that had blocks in it. It was very light, but I filled it with heavy books and taped them in with duct tape. Then I taped up the wheels so they couldn't spin, but she could push it along without too much speed.

We used the Fisher Price Stride-to-Ride with our 3 sons.It is still in good nic after having survived loads of use for the past 6 years and we will use it with our next one too.You can buy them cheap on Ebay.They convert from a push along toy to a ride on toy so very handy and great to get them pushing and walking along.Our 3rd son zoomed around,we have longer pile carpet so it did`nt go as fast,a great buy though!Good luck!

By the way Snitzi what a gorgeous pic of your little girl Ella!Sooo pretty!

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We didnt use anything, we let our DD learn to use her body. She started by pulling herself up on things and taking a few wobbly steps and it went from there.

I dont think they need aids.
Thanks Jensboys!!!! We reckon she is pretty gorgeous too!!!!!

we used to hold our sons hand while he was learning how to walk.. it took a lot of patience but it was worth it!i used to also stand him up by himself for a few seconds.. of course he would fall but gradually he could stand for a bit longer each night. once he learnt how to go from sitting to standing position he was off and walking.


paige in 12 mnths and two weeks we have just finished the learning to walk stage i reccomend you dont hold his hands as apparently it affects how they learn to balence. we would hold paiges hips she was a bit hesitant at first but it really helped. also i bought her a Fisher-price ride on lion. his back flips up to make him a walker and and some masking tape wrapped sticky side out helped it to grip.



We used a childs toy pram that we got from toys r us for $10. It to was to light but it is so easy to put weight in the seat. We just used a money box. Anything will do. Good Luck
I don't think they need props. They learn when they are ready... no point pushing them into it before they can handle the balance and not fall all the time. My boy just started walking at 15 months and he just did it, never had any props and hardly walked holding our hands. It took a few days and he's a pro already smile

Go to the current toy sale at Target, they have a walker kind of thing in the shape of an arrow, so that bub will be standing in the pointy part and there are i spose wings on either side. I think i have done a hopeless job of explaining it, but i dont know what its called.

my DD was at a similar stage just weeks ago. I found that with some of the push-along toys that go too fast, if you put masking tape around the wheels, it gave them a bit more traction & slowed them down a bit. (Not all of them mind you, but maybe worth a try)

Walking holding onto parents hands has been happening for generations - we aren't all walking funny now are we? I'm sure it does them no real harm. I personally feel that it helps in developing trust between bub & you.

anyway - goodluck! She'll be walking in no time!! smile

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