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I have been attending Gymbaroo since my son was 8 months old. Originally I was concerned about him as he was not making significant progress with his gross motor skills. I have found it to be really beneficial for him - but what do other people think about it? I have a friend who just started, however, she is not overly enthusiastic about it and is not going back next term.


iam going to start kindagym for my son which is the same thing, which is really good for all mottor skills fine and motor. it works on their concentration, stability etc.
once i get settled in he will b going thats for sure.
I took my daughter to babyroo and we loved it. I would definately take her back its just too expensive.

Leanne, Eliza Jade 17/1/05

Hi there,

I took my son to Gymbaroo last year for two terms. I did find it beneficial in some ways, but did not get what I wanted out of it 50% of the time. My son has a very unique personality where he prefers to play on his own, doesn't like big crowds of people and gets quite embarassed easily.

I initially took him so that he could socialise with other children more, not realing that it was not meant for that, but rather, a more mother/father and child thing. He has always been very advanced physically (like sitting at 5 months, walking just after 10 months), but when there, he would rather draw on the blackboard than use the equipment (which was really only allowed 15 minutes).

I found that the classes were way too expensive ($15 for 45 minutes); he cried half the time because he had to leave the blackboard behind when the music came on and half the time I would really stress out and break into a sweat. When he wasn't crying, he would bury his head in his hands from embarassment when the songs came on and we sang. Don't know why, but apparently I was shy like that too at his age until I was a teen. Bottom line is, he just didn't enjoy it and and because of this, neither did I.

I don't want to knock it, I saw some kids having a blast and really getting into it, but for us it was a waste of time and money. Now I take him to the playcentre every Sunday: for $15 he plays for about 3 hours, we have chips and a milkshake and cappucinos for me and hubby. Plus, I relax and am stress free as we take turns watching him.

I always recommend my friends (the newie mums) try Gymbaroo for a few sessions though, just to see how their kids take it. It can be worthwile for some, but not for others.

Vaccines: Question what you're told...

Hi, I am considering taking my 11mth little boy to Gymbaroo in Rowville, Melbourne. I have not been to one before but have heard they are good for gross motor skills and a lot of fun too. What type of things do you do at your Gymbaroo please? My son cannot walk yet but can stand with furniture, will he be able to do the activities? Thanks for your help.

VIC, 11mth boy

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