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Late Walkers?? Lock Rss

Hi all

Just want to hear your experiences with late walkers.

DS is a few days off 17 months and almost there but I dont think he will walk till 18 months.

Did your bubs struggle in other areas or catch up very fast??

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hi there
both my kids were early walkers. first was 11mths and seconds was 11.5mths. they weren't as great talkers as some kids though... Is ur son good with talking? usually where they are a bit slower in one area they are faster in another. I wouldn't worry theyre all different. he'll get there in the end :)he'll probably be more coordinated too since he's slow and steady to get there

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My first son was 15 months when he started walking and my youngest son is currently 15 months and won't be walking for a while. I recently took my sons to a physio and I was told that they are hypermobile which means they are extra flexible and can have double joints. This could also mean that they are late crawlers and walkers. Look it up on the Internet if you think it might apply to your children. It might be worth them seeing a physio and/or an Occupational Therapist. All the best.
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SA, 2 boys

Hi, my son was 15 months old when he started to walk,& my daughter was 16&1/2 months old. Be patient they will, if they get to 18 months to 2 yrs old & not walking, then take them to the baby clinic for a check. All babies do the milestones in there own time.
Im not worried about him not walking. I know he is just on the verge of it. We do see a physio & she says the same.

Just wanting to hear others expereinces.

My dd started walking just after 14months and she very quickly got the hang of it.She started running not long after!
She did the rolling, sitting, and crawling all very early but walking and talking she was a bit of a late starter.
Shes just over 2 now and runs everywhere and copycats everything we say.So I think she has all caught up now!

My 2 boys walked later than most. 1st was just over 12 months, 2nd 15 months. 2nd being later didn't make much difference, walks the same as any other 21month old:) guess the later they walk the easier it is to manage them, so some point, crawling a lil difficult too:P


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DS was a late walker took his first steps at 14 mths but didn't take off until 17 months. He caught up very quickly and by 18 mths you couldn't tell he'd only been walking for a month.

Mummy to Joshua 2 and a half, & Chloe 1

My 3rd DS didn't walk till he was 20 months. He didn't crawl till he was 13 months but there was nothing at all wrong with him he just wanted to do it in his own time. Although he went very quickly from walking to running lol which he is very good at now lol.



I have two sons - the first one walked at 12 months and the second one is 14 months bottom shuffeling (so cute) and not interested at all walking at the moment! I think they will certainly do it in their own time (bless their little hearts)..I am due with another boy in March, so it will be interesting what he achieves..Lol
My daughter is a few days away from 20 months and is just starting to walk now. We also took her to a physio, who said she has very long bones in her feet so her brain has to work twice as hard to get the balance. She still prefers to crawl bur she is starting to walk more and more, and we are encouraging her to do so by taking her to the park where there is lots of room for movement and exploring and she just toddles around. It is a very exciting time. smile)

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Thank you for you replies! DS didnt crawl till 12.5 months so I never expected him to walk before 18mths.

Im sure as soon as he is off and running i'll want the crawling baby back!

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