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quit hitting yourself Lock Rss

my son is 17 months old and has started hitting himself in the head and banging his head against the wall and floor when he doesnt get his way or when we tell him off. has anyone else had this problem? and what did you do to control it? any suggestions?
Hi, My Son is 20mths now and since about that age has also done the same thing, if he gets really upset or doesnt know how to communicate what he wants. He would bang his head on a wall or the cot, somtimes even throw his head back onto the concrete or bang the front on the tiles.

I went to the early childhood nurse about it and asked a doctor and they both said the same thing - That even though it does hurt them they'll never do it hard and long enough to do any permanent damage.. Obviously i cant see how much your ds is doing it or how hard so id your worried id get it checked out. But rest assure he's not the only one smile I think boys do it more because they are generally slower to talk and cant always communicate there frustration with words..

One thing i found worked (rather than walking away and letting him continue the banging) was to pick him up, sit him on my lap and talk to him. even though he didnt always know what i was saying, just telling him its okay and that i dont understand what he;s tyring to say made him calm down and within minutes the episode had passed and he was off doing the next naughty thing smile

Also he doesnt do it very much anymore, they say it passes eventually. I hope this helps. Good luck with this crazy thing called toddlerdom smile
Thanks for your advice, that makes me feel better to know that my son isn't the only one.

he doesnt hit himself that hard but it was a bit worrying. i'll try talking to him and see if that works.

thanks again.
Hi... My dd is 16 months and she also hits her head, sometimes when we tell her not to do something.. But also randomly she will slap herself in the head.. I can tell it's frustation sometimes, but we spoke to her daycare about it and they can also do it when they have a headaches or earache, as they want the pain to stop... My dd gets a few ear infections, so this could also be a reason??

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