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Not walking straight Rss

My little girl is 14 months and has been walking for just over 2 months. I have just started to notice (as is has been progressively getting worse) that her right foot is pointing inwards rather that straight when she walks and it is affecting her balance. Can anybody help me?
My sister did this as a baby and my mum was instructed to put a left shoe on her right foot to point it outwards... but that was 32 years ago...

The only thing you can really do is take her to your GP and ask them about it. I think these days they recommend orthodic shoes. Your GP may give you a referral to a podiatrist who specialises in toddlers, or you may just need to go to a children's shoe store who specialise in orthodics for young children.
Thank you
my daughter is 17 months walking since she was 10.5 months, she also has the same problem. iwent to my CHN and got a eferal to the local physio an occupational therapist who have recommeded that she wears shoes with good support i.e. nike, and in general play make her sit on a ball ad do lots of climbing, if in 3 months there is no sign or improvvment for her off to a specialist(for possible leg splints or breaking her leg to make it straight)i first noticed this in kiah when she was 12 months old. she also walks on her toes more than the ball of her foot. she is very clumbsy falling over her own feet all the time

kiah tarni 05/07/07

I would try a chiropractor (sp) who works on kids and see if they can help. I am looking at taking my 20 month old to see a chiropractor (sp) for the same sort of problem as I just noticed the other day when I was walking behind her that she had a turned foot. Anyway I hope this helps.


I recently took my 16 month old to the podiatrist as he is pigeon toed, she looked at him and told me to make sure his shoes are light in weight and if you turn the shoe over and look at the sole most shoes will curve the way a foot does so i have to buy him shoes that are sort of straight, he also sits on his knees with his feet under his bum which is a big no for him, but if she is loosing her balance id recommend taking her to see one.

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