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~ November 2006 Babies/Toddlers! ~ Lock Rss

Hey Girls,

The M*ds deleted our thread. So if they recover it, we can go back, but thought I'd start one to post in for now.

How is everyone?

Tammy, I hope your feeling better. ~Hugs~
~Happy Birthday to Sam too!~

I had my 18 week scan today! Was so good. Bubba was very wriggly, but did a few poses too. Anyone on facebook, I've added pics there.


I just signed in, popped into general and saw the chaos.
Jumped in here to see if ours was ok *fingers were crossed* and BAM! GONE!

Pick your acts up 'mods' cause at the moment this is SUCH a joke!!!!!

happy birthday sam!!!!

Honey, i'm on facebook...going now! LOL!

How dare they delete our thread LOL grrrrr

how is everyone?
Happy birthday Samantha.

Alexander is 2 in 3 day (sunday!!!)

well i better go coz i have a grumpy child tonight...YAY not

has a slight temperature and croaky throat poor little man

talk soon hope our thread gets put back on

Tamara ALEXANDER 30/11/06

M*ds are trying to clean out Huggies to stop so many errors, however instead of going back and deleting the threads in general that are a few years old and not active, they just started deleting any BIG one's - not caring if they were active or not.
Well thats what I can figure so far...

Hey girls

OMG what a joke!!! I cannot believe they are just deleting any old thread... oh well... I am sure we can talk another 100 pages... I think our kids will be 21 and we will still be posting in the toddler section - LOL.

Thank you for your birthday wishes for Samantha - she had a lovely birthday. Sam got her much loved Horse back.... she had to wait a while however better late than never... we had KFC for dinner and yummy birthday cake. I have promised her a sleep over in a couple of weeks when I am back up to being the perfect host again... until then its easy days.

Anyway hello to all. I am off to clean up the kitchen.


hey girls,

thought i'd drop in quickly and announce i have a new niece "Savannah Hope Imogen" born at 2.08pm this afternoon 27/11 weighed 3.92 kilo what a whopper for a bub 2 weeks early by elective ceaser. My SIL is a bit sore as she also had a sterilisation (her tubes done) as well as a hernia removed.. but bubs is perfect i can't wait to meet her but i think we'll leave it til the weekend.

Happy Birthday Sammy!!!

kitty - also thinking of you sitting by the phone that was me from midday til 3pm

honey - i saw your pics holy moly how much it's grown in 6 weeks hey!! that's awesome

Congratulations Lana!!! Woo Hoo~!!!

YAAAAAY Lana! Congrats to your SIL. Savannah is a GORGEOUS name!

Kitty Bella is getting rather difficult as well. She has such an attitude! I hope things get a little easier. I didn't get to check out your last post before it was DELETED(!!!!!) so how long is Neil away for?

Tammy are you ok? Once again I didn't get to see your last post before the thread was deleted...

Tamara, Bell is sick too. Woke up with a runny nose on thursday last week (her birthday) and that night started coughing. She was getting better so I sent her to childcare on Tuesday but now she's bad again. I'm going to keep her home so I can keep her regular doses of demazin up and give her cuddles all day. Hope Alexander gets better!!!

Honey your ultrasound pics are GORGEOUS! I didn't get any like that with bell...none that clear!!!!

Did anyone else reply that I missed?

Well tomorrow is D-day. Our loan for our next home has been pre approved but the bank had to do a valuation on both properties before they could give us the nod. I asked our solicitor this arvo if they were just wanting to make sure that if we couldn't make the repayments and they sold our house that they'd get their money back and he said yep. No problem there...we got this new house for $50,000 less than it was valued at. Sooooo, on the 16th December (depending on the solicitors searches of the property etc) we will be moving into our new home!!! Shane is so excited but I'm trying not to get excited until I know for sure, definitely, absolutely, money is in the bank, that the house is ours.


Hey Girls,

It is a pain about our thread, but as Tammy said we can chat away another 100 pages easily. hehe.

Tammy, glad Sam had a great birthday! smile
Hope your feeling much better soon.

Kat, thanks! I'm in love with my pics. I never got any good pics with Ella - well I got some 4D one's - but that was cos we were told we had to see a specialist as there was something wrong with Ella. Which turned out to be crap.
And then so far this time, I haven't had any pictures printed, but the lady yesterday was so lovely.
I do have to go back next week as Bubs stomach wasn't showing clearly. So I've got my fingers crossed that all is fine.

Kat - Good Luck on the home! Hope it all goes well! smile

Lana - Congrats on your new neice!

hi girls,

i had so much planned for today but it is way too hot to do anything, so we are sitting around home with the aircon cranking away.

off to the beach tomorrow arvo when matt finishes work yay!!!!

my dad is going to bring the barbie and we will have a barbie in the park which is also on the beach.

better go, kids are fighting
[Edited on 28/11/2008]

Hey girls

Just a quick one but have a nice weekend!!!!

pmsl Lana - don't you just love the fighting...

Afternoon everyone.

Such a crap day today.
Bells had tantrums all morning so I called off out trip to town. We were going to have a look around the shops, treat ourselves to morning tea and a drink and bum around really.

Shanes gone to cricket...glad he gets some 'me' time.

I made Bell have a nap. she's been asleep since 12pm so she definitely needed it. she'll wake soon though.

Limited to what housework I can do when she's asleep (she's a light sleeper like me) so the rest will have to wait till she wakes which will make it harder.

The bank is STILL doing the valuation on the new place. God they s h i t me. We need to tell the real estate that we have finance by next Tuesday and 'apparently' we'll know if we have the loan early next week...idiots. It's taken them just under 14days to approve a freakin straight forward loan. We only have 14days! Soooo frustrating. Even our solicitor is getting frustrated.

Hope everyone else is great!

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