I have a very bright 3.5 year old (doesn't everyone?). However, I am a teacher and do know that she is achieving well above her age level. She reads (not just recites) level 3 PM readers used in Kindergarten, knows all her numbers to 20(including the recognition of the numerals), can sequence these numbers, knows all sounds, has very advanced language (loves to make up stories etc, can write (not copy) her first and last name etc etc. She also colours in in the lines, cuts, pastes etc and pays attention for long periods of time in preschool. Now, I haven't spent a lot of time teaching her this either as I work full time (out of necessity - please don't judge). So....my issue is, while I know she will be ready to attend Kinder in 2010 academically and socially (she separates happily and is very independent), many parents are holding back their February, March, April etc birthday children from the year before. This means she will be starting Kinder up to 15 months younger than these children! (You would think I would know what to do here, having taught Kinder, wouldn't you?) If I hold her back to 2011 when she will also be 5.5, I think she will be obnoxious and will need a special program to keep her interested. All her friends at preschool are already 4, by the way, and she orders the younger ones around! My colleagues are mixed in their opinions as to whether to send early. Is there anyone out there who has advice on what they did with their bright, young child? I don't mean to sound show offish here - I'm not!!! I am seriously worried about the best option for her so she enjoys school. Thanks everyone who read this long post all the way to the end!!!!