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My daughter has played with my elbow since she was a baby, always (but only) when she's eating. Now she's 3 I can't get her to stop. Other people think it's bizarre and the habit has started to annoy me. Why does she do it and how do I get her to stop? (Asking her nicely/telling her off hasn't made any difference)
I feel for you! my 19 month old has a fetish for my hair as in he has to smell it or play it when im putting him to sleep or when we are in the car and he's sleepy. i think its a comfort thing. its started to annoy me too esp when he pulls my hair. i dont have much suggestions unfortunately just wanted to say i understand what you are going through!


My 20mo DD plays with my finger nails when she's drinking her night milk or when we have night cuddles if she wakes during the night.

I dont know how to stop it either but its definately a comfort thing.

Sorry I'm no help.

DD - 07.04.07 DS - 27.10.09

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