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any late teethers out there? Lock Rss

The girls have jsut turned 19mths today and only have 4 teeth ea. 1 only jsut cut ehr 4th about a mth ago... I'm not worried, just curious they are really big too. the later teether also grinds her first top tooth really badly/loudly all the time and is making her two bottoms crooked...

My DS was a late teether. At 19 months I think he would only have had 6 teeth. I think he got his four front molars and 20 months and has just got three of his eye teeth at nearly 24 months. His seem to come through in groups and he still has his four back molars to go!!!

I don't think you need to worry about the late teething (although life gets much easier once they can chew!) But I would be tempted to get them checked if you are worried, especially about the grinding.

Mine's just got her 4th tooth at 16 months. She grinds hers too!
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