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I'm worried about my girl. She is 21mths and said the obvious words - mum, dad, bub, nanna but i have been trying to teach her dog, fish, bird, bus and having no luck. She is very smart and active. She goes to day care but just doesn't want to talk.

Also her weight. She never has been a chubba bubba. She is tall and only weighs 11.5kg. She eats like a teenager but wont put on weight. How do i get her to eat foods that i eat. She doesn't eat a wide range of food.

Any suggestions would be great.

Steph, Sunshine Coast QLD, 21mth old & 2nd coming

i'm not sure about the talking as i'm not sure ages and stuff for when they should be saying stuff, 18 motnhs rings a bell for some reason, but again i'm not sure on what they should be doing at 18 months!!! Mt 18 motnh old has been putting 2 words together since he was 13 months and i know that is really good, so i haven't had to stress about that!!!
For the moemnt keep telling her the words and she may one day just click and come out wiht it all, othewise ask your clinic nurse or doc and they can help you!!!
My little fella is not 11 kilos yet he is 18 months and eats heaps too,but doesn't put on heaps of weight, he has always been small but very tall!!!
As long as she's eating heaps and i'm sure it is good food, she is probably fine and she probably has a good metabolism!!!
But, if you end up asling someone about her talking then ask about the weight when you are there! Can't help and might put your mind at ease!!!

kelly, NSW, 4year old and 2 year old boys and expe

I wouldn't worry too much about her speach. If she wasn't making any sound then I would worry. If by about 2 1/2 there is no improvement then it would be worth a trip to the Drs to check it all out. Kids all develop at different rates some deveop quicker in defferent areas then others.
As for her weight my little man is 17mths and under 10kg, he apeares healthy and happy so I'm not too concerned.
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