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  5. my 12 month old is just 7.6 kilos im really worried

my 12 month old is just 7.6 kilos im really worried Lock Rss

my 12 months old is 7.6 kilos she doesnt feed much on milk or solids. She doesnt like eating fruits or drinking juice i seen the pedictrican and she tole me to feed her more. She was born a small baby at 2.6 kg and always follwed the 10% line on the growth charts now her weight has fallen to 3rd%. Is she too small? what can i cook her? please help. thanks
Does she eat what you eat??
My son is 14 months and he eats anything in site hes been like that since 9 months.
I give him mostly finger food because he likes to feed himself.

Breakfast, he has yogurt, toast with either vegemite and cheese or peanut paste.

Lunch, Fruit he love nectarines, grapes, watermelon, rock melon, strawberries and cherry tomatoes. mini pizzas i use the muffin and sometimes i put tomato paste cheese and bacon or tuna, mayonnaise and cheese. He loves toasted sandwiches.

Dinner, is usually what ever we have. He loves chicken roasted with tomato, cheese and bacon. with roast potatoes. he also loves curry.

If she doesn't like feeding off you, try finger food.
I also give him heaps of water sometimes he juice.
no she doesnt eat wat we eat cause the gp said i cant give her salt or surgar so i make her rice with some meat and vegies like congee abit mushie. she doesnt like hard texture and she gags when we try to feed her. i see other freinds feeding their baby watever they eat can i do that?

i try letting her feed herself she is so lazy she picks it up n throws it i tried grapes apples pears bananas and doesnt seem to take it in.

what is peanut paste? peanut butter? so do i make a sandwich and let her feed herself?
also how do u make the curry??thx for the info will try some of ur tips
If we have something that's very salty or surgery he doesn't have it i make him something different.

Yeah they should be eating what you eat i mean i don't give him chips, lollies, chocolates and coke.

He throws it too and they tend to do that sometimes when there not hungry, the other thing ds loves is apricots and peacherines we give it to him whole and just keep an eye on him when he gets to the pip i take it out he loves them.
Hes not a real vegetable eater but he loves his fruit.

Yeah peanut paste is peanut butter.
Just let her go sometimes he just looks at me say whats that.

Does she like eggs??? You could give her soldiers and scrambled eggs. Toast cut into strips.

I either toast the sandwiches in a toasty machine or just give it to him fresh.

I use chicken tonight simmer sauce there is a few different variety i add some vegetables and do either pasta or rice with them.
The other thing he loves is spaghetti bolynese.

Sometimes it can be really messy i have some old clothes on him for meal times.

There is a woman's weekly cookbook for toddlers and babies that i use or else some of the recipes on here are good to.
My DD was having weight issues at around 12 months too but eventually she developed a love for food and now she is back on the 10th percentile and eating more than i do! Things I was told to try that she quite liked were bread, rubarb, lots of apple puree type stuff, yogo (has some nutritional value so isn't pure junk but helps them put on weight), jelly and pumpkin soup. I was told to pretty much continuously offer her food and if she liked something to stick to it even if she was eating the same things day afer day. Good luck.
she doesnt really like eggs
the old clothes trick is pretty good!! it turns messy even just with rice hee hee i'll try this thanks guys will take the info in n try it but she is sooooo picky.
will offer her more diff things and also try yogo!!!
also the jelly do u make from the juices?
or the boxed jellys? n i tried apply puree she hates it

On top of the great ideas already posted, have you tried feeding her avocado? Avocado has lots of nutrients and will help bulk up bubs. Just make sure avocado is ripe and what I do is put the avocado in the blender with some milk and a tiny bit of sugar for taste and make it into a milkshake. Or you can spread it on toast or for a sandwich.
Have you tried a pasta called risoni? It looks like rice! Or try different pasta shapes like dinosaurs, teddy bears or penne.

Hope this helps.
hi i have tired avocardo and she loves it she eats it spoon after spoon. And this morning for brekkie i gave her toast with some cheese sperad she had half a toast better than nth and she fed herself so happy.
I cooked spag bolg for her lunch see how we go thanks so much for all ur help.
Also want to ask last nite i feed her congee it was abit lumpy and she vomitt like chocking so should i still puree it???
She seems to not like chewing for some reason also what can i do to feed fruits? I gave it to her whole she throws it on the floor
she didnt like sapg bolg she spat it out
but she had 8 blueberries is it ok to feed her that?

sorry double post
[Edited on 13/01/2009]

Take Care Gem, Mannix and Colton

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