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  5. my 12 month old is just 7.6 kilos im really worried

my 12 month old is just 7.6 kilos im really worried Lock Rss

From now on you can pretty much try her on anything and everything that you would eat as long as it's not too salty or sugary. Blueberries are really good for you as there packed full of antioxidants. Have you tried her on dried or tinned fruit, not as good as fresh of course but it might be a way of getting her to eat it.

I find my 14mth son eats more when I put a variety of foods on the one plate, I think he likes the fact he has a choice that way and as long as all the foods are healthy it doesn't matter what he chooses to eat.

Things he loves
Tuna mornay
peas and corn
roasted vegies cut into fingers; sweet potatoe, pumpkin, carrot
cheese (I grate the chesse and sometimes grate up some carrot thru it as well)
dried fruit

The most important thing is to keep offering things over and over even if she has turned her nose up at something before, it can take 20 times or more of them seeing a food before they will actually try it.

Good luck

Take Care Gem, Mannix and Colton

Apricots and peacherines we give to him whole and he eat it likes that, If we chop them up he doesn't eat it. We always have fruit in the fridge we keep rock melon and watermelon in containers in the fridge its a great snack. We also give him sultanas i always keep them in his nappy bag for when where out.

What's congee???

wow i didnt know i had to offer it that many times. will try it more i tried giving bolied eggs today and toast with cheese and also jam she didnt eat one bit. its so hard trying to get her to eat.
congee is rice with meat n vegies boiled till the rice is soft.
thatnks for the tips will try some out again.
also she cant hold things too well i cant give her a whole fruit she cant even hold her bottle yet.
i tried watermelon she had abit of it not much and i tried mixing her weetbix with mashed banana today hated it and didnt eat it.
how do i make the tuna mornay?
im getting to a point where i think im a bad mum n im making my baby underweight watever i do or try to let her eat she hates.
No your not a bad mum.
She sounds a bit like a fussy eater. Just keep trying like other mums have said. My son eats anything in sight.

I make tuna rice bake, boil some rice then put in a ovenproof dish, add a can of condensed milk then mix a tin a tuna through and add some mixed vegetables put some cheese on the top then bake in over.

Go to the library and get some cookbook for kids and toddlers.
Try to make different things for her, its amazing what they eat when you don't expect it.

Have you tried her on yogurt???
Your not a bad mum, your on here trying to get some extra ideas to help her arn't ya? If you were a bad mum you wouldn't bother or think twice about it.

Tuna Mornay

Lighty fry up what ever vegies you want to use ( make sure these are finely chopped)
Add sweet corn and I find pineapple in it is also nice
1/3 tin of chopped tomatoes
some cream
cream chesse or riocotta chesse if you prefer
add in tin of tuna
then add the cooked pasta stir and cook for a little while so it's all combined with the pasta

If you want it chesseyer add some grated chesse

Like I said before just keep offering things if she shows even the slightest interest in something run with it.

I've just found my DS loves cooked snow peas so he gets them most nights at the moment.

Take Care Gem, Mannix and Colton

Another thing I just thought of is a friend of mine used this self feeder thing to get her DD use to tasting things, I can't remember what it's called but it's like a little mesh bag that you put the fruit or whatever in with a easy grip plastic handle on it. I think you can get them from Big w and Kmart.
They suck on the mesh bag and get the taste and the juices thru it, it's also ment to encourage self feeding and prevent choking.

Take Care Gem, Mannix and Colton

i tried yoghurt she hates it sometimes she eats it sometimes she doesnt but she had some blueberries today and abit of ham.
Thanks for teaching me to make the tuna mornay will try.
The self feeder thing i think i saw it before will try to look for it on the weekend. Thanks guys for ur help im seeing the pedi tom and will let u guys know.
I really appreciate your help. I will indeed keep on trying till she enjoys food.
i will also try the tuna bake rice as well. ill go get some cook books too thx
i dont mean to sound negative here, but if your daughter is really having that much trouble eating at 12 months old, i would ask them to check for any digestive, swallowing problems or disabilities.

she really should be eating better and be more co-ordinated. (ie - bottle) but dont think that this is in any way a reflection of your parenting, cause its not. your doing an awesome job, and are abviously being very very persistant.

also, feed her infront of them, show them the issues she is having, so they can see first hand.

as for food, try doing a 'mass mash'

nothing added to it, just pure veges and puree meat. white potatoe is great to add weight, and also, sweet potatoe is full of vitamines and minerals. add finely chopped beans, peas, squash (they love it for some reason, kinda sweet tasting) pumpkin and any others you can think of. carrots etc....

boil together, drain well, and roughly mash it.

be careful with boiling her meats and veges with rice to the point of mushy. when foods are overcooked, they tend to lose some of their goodness. try adding it when the rice is already cooked. so the rice goes really soft, but the meat and veges isnt overcooked.

if she continues to have eating issues, with the swallowing and choking side of things, PM me, i have had alot to do with kids with swallowing problems.

good luck and i hope it goes well with the paed

but at this age is it ok to still have puree?
im scared i hope she doesnt have digestive or disabilities.
thx for the advice i'll tell the paed tom
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