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  5. my 12 month old is just 7.6 kilos im really worried

my 12 month old is just 7.6 kilos im really worried Lock Rss

same with i mentioned in my long winded pm (lol) yes they can if you like, but i would try with chunks she can hold and bite from. the biting action will cause the chewing to happen.

and im not saying she does, i am just saying get her checked, so it can be delt with if she does.... if not, you can get further help anyway with weight gain if they refer you to a dietitian smile

ill just give an example of what ive seen and delt with, but keep in mind, your DD is most likely fine, just good to check

my cousins baby had a narrowed asophagus (sp?) he would throw up chunky stuff. its now been corrected

a foster baby i had, couldnt swallow properly (but was worse than your DD) she is now out of my care, but on watch for having the signs of cerebral palsy, mild.... her swallowing included, lack of muscle tone in throat, and thin milk she would throw up, too thick couldnt suck it out of bottle. and it would sit in her throat and rattle. she didnt have the chewing reflex that comes about 4-5mths of age. she is now 8 months, and still having problems. but please remember, this baby is alot worse than your DD so highly unlikely that this is anything like her, but its just what i have seen

there is many babies and toddlers i have seen that just dont register small chunks in their mouthes, and swallow them, then gag, which leads to vomiting at times. this was fixed by offering bigger chunks, but of soft boiled/steamed veges, or boiled fruit (even tinned in natural juices)

boiled and tinned, are easier to chew, and go mushy in mouth, not hard chunks. less effort too for when she is starting off smile

with boiled eggs, dont add too much milk, that way its not a runny texture in her mouth (runny = swallow without chewing)

and just keep offering her different foods. and also, try letting her have stuff straight off your plate.

eg, when your having dinner, put some on your plate, of her chunks of food, so she thinks she is getting mummys food grin

might encourage her to eat a little more for weight gain

hi she chokes on prob pea sized chunks of meat she doesnt choke on sofet food like cheese biscuits bread these she holds herself. if it is smaller she swallows it i think she is lazy witht he bottle because i hold it for her all the time and i do give her milk after food maybe thats wrong there and she has 10 teeth. i gave her pasta to hold yesterday nite and she held it and ate some of it. but thanks for the help guys will take in the info.
sorry posted to many times
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I think you are doing a great job smile] .

Is your dd starting to speak? I thik you need to persist with foods that are a bit lumpier as this helps with their speech development as well. Maybe she is just getting use to the lumps and just swallows thinking it's pureed KWIM?

Keep trying she will get use to it
Hi i had real problems with my son being fussy when he was around the same age, for me the reason was a bit differnet he didn't have any teeth so it was a bit hard for him to chew the lumpy/hard foods....

But some things that i have found hepled for him to eat...was instead of making a hard boiled egg try doing it like an omellete, in a fry pan put a bit of butter then put the egg in and mix it around until all is cooked, its soft for them and he never used to gag on this he is 21 months and has a few teeth not as many as normal he only has 9 teeth but we are getting there....

you were also asking how to give her the fruit...what i found best for my ds is is to grate all the fruit when you want to give it to her with the grater this way she still gets all the nutrients and vitamins and its fresh....canned peaches are also good cause there quite soft...

there are soft cheeses i buy form the supermarket.. we call it laughing cow cheese its in the chees section in the fridge thereis also kiri cheese its all soft and i would just break bits off and put it into his mouth somtimes he would gag but you just need to try and persist and keep trying....

hope this helps a little bit and sorry about the long post

i hope you appointment goes well today
thanks guys she does speaks she says milk when she is hungry for it shes says ma ma n da da but i dont think she know it reprsents me or her daddy..
with the grated fruits feed it to her or let her feed herself with hands on?
Hi, I don't have a ton of great advice for you like the other mummies smile But I thought I'd let you know you're not alone.

DS just turned 1 and he has only just gone over 10th percentile. He has always been a very fussy eater and picks and chooses his food. At one point (not even a month ago), he wouldn't eat anything except baby we fed him yogurt!

Most the time, I make quite chunky food, he usually takes the 'piece' out of his mouth and squishes it between his fingers and plays with it, before sending it over the side onto my nice, clean floor. :-S

He is the same with finger food, he usually plays with it, just nibbling, then throws it. He's too inquisitive and not hungry enough!!! He does eventually eat though, and I always make sure I have some jar food (don't bite me mums!) in the cupboard in case he doesn't like the food I make him. He usually eats the jar food. lol

I really hope things get better for you, I know how stressful it is to have an underweight baby. She will come through though!

with the grated fruits as you feel comfortable until now i still feed him myself, as it can get a little bit messy, i no with my ds he is real lazy and depends on me for a lot more things than other kids his age...

Hi there
i got a really good book the other day, its called Bby & toddler meals, by Robin Barker. it has loads of suggestions in it for baby foods, as i was really struggling with DS. he doesn't have an underweight problem, but he will just not develop any interest in solids, and i was concerned if he didn't get interested he would eventually not be getting the nutrients he needs. the book also has lots of family meals and meals for older children, most of which you would be able to mash to the consistency your baby would eat.

also, on the gagging front, it is completely normal for them to gag when they are getting used to lumpier foods, it is a reflex they are born with that prevents them from choking. i used to think he was choking every time, but now i know its normal i am a lot more relaxed when i give ds anything that is slightly lumpy. he will get used to it eventually i guess! you should just keep persisting with it i think.

is there any particular medical reason your GP has told you not to give your baby salt and sugar? by the age of 12 months babies are usually allowed to eat what the family eats, sugar, salt and spices included (not too much obviously just the amount that you would normally use in cooking). i know that some GP's are a bit old fashioned, have you spoken to another one, or maybe find out about seeing a nutritionist for your bub?

anyway, i definately recommend the book i mentioned, it is around $25 but you will get quite a lot of use out of the recipes i think!
i am going to be trying some of them this week!

good luck

is there any specific reason she cant have salt and sugar. not that i am trying to be nosy or anything. i stopped using salt completely or very sparingly in the food i cook for all of us when my kids started on solids and i find if they are not given the same food as us it is a real struggle to get them to eat anything at all. also definatly le her feed herslf with as much food as u can, just cut everything into her size finger foods and let her go, my sis in law used to put a plastic sheet under her sons high chair when he would be eating and just let him make all the mess he wanted. it might look as though nothing is going in but u might be suprised what she will eat. my youngest was very small at birth as well and didnt reach 10kg till she was around 16months she never ate a lot before either she is making up for it now mind u. but i did find that she liked the heinz baby food i know it isnt the greatest choice can or pre bottled baby food but at the time i just wanted her to eat something. i never really wanted my kids to eat that type of food but if she was gonna eat it i was happy to give it to her. sometimes its just a matter of trying everything till u find something that works for her. i had to do that with my oldest, but they do copy u when u eat and even at a young age they can tell if their food is not like urs. one thing my kids all loved was spagetti with tomato sauce and cheese that is the first thing i let them feed themselves with and they loved it still do i make it myself its really easy, they make a huge mess when they eat it but it just might get her going on her food journey. good luck
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