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  5. my 12 month old is just 7.6 kilos im really worried

my 12 month old is just 7.6 kilos im really worried Lock Rss

My DD1 was born 2.1 kilo and my DD2 was born 2.5 kilo..
At 12 months she should be able to eat pretty much what your eating, not as in junk food but good healthy food.
Have you tried...
Cheese cubes
sausage (i cut them in half so they are not round so they won't choke.)
tinned spaghetti shapes
scrambled egg (egg is very good for them.)
weetbix or porridge
ravioli ( my girls LOVED it at that age with some grated cheese and tomato sauce.)

Other things you could try to make her that my girls loved.
Macaroni cheese
fish in cheese sauce
banana smoothies
pasta shells with ricotta and tomato sauce

As the PP said they do know when your food is different to theirs.. my girls have always sat at the table at the same time as their dad and me and have eaten their meals at the same time.. Does she eat with you?
[Edited on 15/01/2009]
if my son doesnt feel like eating he makes an exception for noodles... but he usually likes to hav a bit of this and that. doesnt really like anything he has to make an effort to chew. he likes spaghetti bol and anything small enough he can swallow without having to chew much..
good luck.. oh and at 1 he was bout 12kgs.. he is 15months now and weighs 12.4kgs.

Oh and also in regards to the gagging.. my DD was gagging on foods too and i told the health nurse and she said to give her something to chew on like a chop bone or something.. that gets their throat used to chewing things. It seemed to have worked with DD cause a few weeks later she never choked.
i wouldnt worry to 3 and a half yr old weighs only 11 kilo.she was born normal birth weight and has days were she eats like a bird and other days were she eats us out of house and home.we have seen numerous doctors and all say she is all depends on ur and ur partners genes too.i was born 4lb and was a very small child up until the age of 10 now i am partner was a great heffer at 11lb was a big baby till 5 and now he is 6'2 and weighs just 75 kilo.we all laugh that she will still be in 0-1's when her sister that is due in march will be growing into 2' long as ur baby is happy and healthy showes that bub is getting only concern these days is that she starts prep next yr and were am i gonna get maybe size 2 uniforms.

i just wanted to see if i can add maybe a different angle i would tend to lead towards behaviour particularly the way you and anyone else act when she is doing all these things.
Even at this age especially this age attention is a big player if she gets alot of attention around this time and they are very clever and will pick up on that and play poor mommy and daddy for a fool.
Also you said in a pp that she gets a bottle after wards for me i would be inclined to delay that bottle to see if that changes her behaviour.
i think you are doing a great job and being a mom isnt easy each person has thier own set of challenges mine was the dummy with my dd now 3 going on 4 and we beat it at 12 months but she used to scream blue murder until i gave in but i got smart and decided that a little screaming and distraction is better than being in kindy with her dummy.

Just a tip really see how you go. and good luck.

hi there i wouldn't worry too much about the weight thing either, my 2.5 year old is 11 kgs now but a year ago she was a dainty 8.5 kgs and she was born at 3.7 kgs. im also having weight issues with my 15 month old who was born at 3.5 kgs and has only just gone 8.5kgs. they both eat everything and anything that i put in front of them, they will eat all day if i let them. they eat more than my almost 4 year old who is 16kgs. my 3.5 month old seems to be following in their foot steps as she was born 3.5 kgs and has only just reached 4.32 kgs. my youngest is on the 5th percentile thingy, my 3rd (15 month old) is below the 3rd percentile line and my 2.5 year old is on the 5th percentile line where my eldest is on the 75th percentile line.

im not exactly thin but i am tall, my hubby is tall and thin all the girls are tall and 3 of them are very thin so i guess they just take after their father where my eldest poor thing takes after me.
hi guys
first of all i really want to THANK everyone that has given advice to me i really really appreciate it and after reading all of them i feel much better and i will keep trying my best to feed my daugther. can i ask wat DD stand for?? im new to this hee hee.

Thanks ren i know it is so stressful cause my bub is underweight and worrying how her health is. thanks for understanding.

Also the ravioli can i buy the ones in the supermarket? and let her hold and eat it? and the chop bone wat do u mean by that a piece of pork chop and lamb???

ok today the pead said wat im feeding her is not fatty enough so i have to give her cream, butter, olive oil, cheese etc. also she took blood teste to see if she has enough iron, potassium etc. thyroid prob and another one i dont remember. poor thing was screaming today with the blood test i couldnt b in the room i heard her from outside and i was crying with her poor bub. she also said she should be fine not to worry too much but would like her to put on some more weight if she can. with the gagging and choking she said its fine if she doesnt choke on biscuits and toast let her eat them but if she chokes on meat puree it for her bc the most important is to let her take it in. also she needs to sleep early cause my bub sleeps like after midnight i try to let her sleep early but she wont and she wakes up at 10 am.

well im not that thin im on the chubby side and my husband well after we got married he got a big belly hee hee. prob eats too much now.

once again thank u guys so so much now i feel much better. the pead also said there has to b someone in the 3%tile hee hee

i forgot to ask does anyone know if she can take flaxseed/linseed?


wow your little bubba sounds tiny. My son is 10 and a half months old and is 7.3 so I can only imagine how worried you are.

I would be worried if she is losing weight and you may need to go see another doctor about it. I have had a lot of problems with my son. He stopped gaining and I went and saw the paed and was told to add a little bit of cream or butter to foods and a little bit of quik to his bottles. I have stopped the cream and butter now but stay with the quik and he has put on 700g in just over a couple of months.

He was also gagging a lot on soft foods and I started concentrating on things that he could put in his mouth (like biscuits) that he had to learn to chew before swallowing. It worked. Another idea is to see a speech pathologist as they will show you how to place the food and what to do when the gagging occurs.

I hope this helps a little and hope she starts gaining weight. I know how hard it is and good luck with it all.

also i usually feed her b4 we eat or coz my husbands works nite shift i eat really quick n easy so i can prepare for bubs so i take time to feed her. also the pead said not to add salt.
We had the same probs with my daughter she was born 900grms at 29 weeks in August 2007. For months we had problems of her putting on weight and being a fussy eater. The Paediatrician made it sound like that I wasnt feeding my daughter and 3mths ago she put on no weight so he sent us to a dietician which we have had to wait and see. When I went to see our GP about her he looked in her baby book and found that they werent putting in her Height just her weight. So for the last three months we have been weight and height checking her. It also help us to see what in her diet works for her. She is a very active toddler now and has put on little weight but has grown in height. Sometimes I find the Paediatricans useless when it come to this I found our GP better as he helped to find out what we were giving her that worked. She is on a high Protiene diet. We stopped the formula and gave her food that helped bulk her up lots of custard and fruit veg and meat when she would eat it. Good luck with your little ekin828
Ekin828, After reading this whole line I feel for you and your family. Not eating is worrying for both you and your daugther, but there is a solution. I admire that you are so studiouos in seeking help, but there has to be a point where you trut yourself. You keep saying "the Ped says no salt" Has he/she said why? Also, you don't have to add salt. People think if they add salt, then they are adding flavour. Don't, just add flavour. Some foods are naturally salty (or sweet) Bacon is salty, some cheeses are salty etc, add these foods to your meal.

Your daughter is 12 months old and should be eating very similar foods to you and your husband. Absolutely, she doesn't have to live on salt, but seriously, have you tried foods without salt...I wouldn't eat it either - tastes disgusting. My Ped also said no salt, but then recommended a vegemite sandwich...get real, vegemite is pure can't have it both ways.

My 13 month old is 11kg and eats everything. She loves strong flavours; spicy, lemony, vinegary, salty and sweet. But befoe you cringe, salt and sweet are things like mashed potato with parmesan cheese or rehydated sultanas in porridge - it doesnt have to mean lollies and a bottle of salt. (Rehydrate sultanas by boiling them in orange juice for 10mins...yummy!) But mostly she eats what we are having. She gets fed from a bowl that is EXACTLY the same as ours and uses a fork just like ours. I have two utensils each meal, a mummy size on she thinks she is using and a bub size one that we feed her from. Occassionally we also eat from her spoon and we often just use our forks/spoons to feed her, her food. She wants to feel the same. She wants to know she is included too.

Remember that kids in India are not necesarily eating Bombay Farrax. And my friend, who is Fijian never gave her baby Western low sugar, no salt, no flavour foods. She gave her babies what her Ped and her mother told her..the same foods as they were eating; Lentil curry and Butter chicken. (at the appropriate age of course) The same things he was brought up on back in Fiji. The Ped wil tell you what they have been taught and if it works for you great. But if for any reason you don't feel comfortable about it, then trust yourself.

Feed your daughter when you eat. She needs to see you doing it. If it means you both sit at the dinner table for an hour, then so what. I can give my daughter a mummy size cup of water and she will sit and drink it...why?...becuase she saw us do it and one day I was brave enough to let her try (first time in the bath). If she doesn't want to eat, don't force her, just keep eating yours making "hmmmmm...yummy" type of comments. Smile and rub your tummy. Enjoy each mouthfull. She WILL get jealous - its inbuilt. Then when she gets jealous, give her some of yours...until eating becames enjoyable for her, then worry about "how its supposed to be done" (ie her own bowl etc.)

You have asked us all for advice and no doubt you have information overload. Relax. Trust yourself. You can do this.

Good luck. You are persistant, you just have to be more persistant than the 1 year old on the other side of the table.

You sound like a wonderful loving mother, let her see you being free and happy rather than being stressed over food.
You're not a bad mum, just keep offering and offering.

Does she like banana? Maybe try mash that up with avacado and spread it on a sandwich? My DS just loves that, and avacado is very good for them.
Yoghurt is good too.
What about cheese? Cheese is good for fattening up (htough be a bit careful, it can make them a bit constipated.) Sometimes for a morning snack, I cut up some cheese and apple (you can try softer fruit if your DD is not chewing so well-or cook the apple a little to make it soft).
My son can be fussy sometimes, but if I find something he likes I tend to offer that alot, as I know he will at least eat it. (Though I still offer other foods too.)

As some other PP's have suggested, you can get good toddler cookbooks out the librabry,and they have very good idea's in them.

If you find you are really struggling, it might be an idea to go and see the pead or your CHN and ask them to help you out.

Good luck.
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