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  5. my 12 month old is just 7.6 kilos im really worried

my 12 month old is just 7.6 kilos im really worried Lock Rss

Hi, you have been given so much advice, I feel for ya, my bubs was the same weight as yours and now is 18mth and only 8.6kg. I know exactly how u feel, and those with "normal" weight babies cant possibly comprehend the anxiety and worry you feel when the child wont eat.Because you know that if they dont eat how can they possibly put on weight. Mine also had paeds appointments and bloodtests etc, the works. I was also advised to add creme and butter etc, but i stopped the creme. Just go with it, mine likes plain cooked pasta so today he ate 4 pieces, wow, thats a lot for him. He likes choc yogo, when they are underweight like that it doesnt so much matter what it is you basically have to give them what they will eat. I know how stressful it is...but hopefully one day they'll just start to eat and enjoy it. We joke that my DS exists on love and fresh air...the advice you got about the routine being put back a little is good too. We're all here for ya thats what this site is for....
im trying to change her routine its so hard. mayb ur rite when she wakes at 9pm i should try to put her back to sleep so she knows its not wake up time. sometimes she doesnt wake up at 8 mostly 10 still feed her lunch then?
i sometimes give her snacks but sometimes i dont have time to fit them in.

also today i made her pumpkin soup she had around 5 spoons also potato and carrot mash with salmon then pan fry them she had 1 small piece at least she had some i guess. im really trying here to offer her different things and hope she will eat some or come across something she really likes.

i have to thank everyone again i need the support hee hee thanks guys cause its so hard and stressful.
She weighs exactly the same as my little girl when she was 12 months and i also thought she was a bad eater. Please dont worry about it and dont you dare think you are a bad mother. Your little girl will not starve herself believe me. Just keep on offering her healthy food. My girl is almost 2 and weighs probably just over 10 kgs ( I havent weighed her for a while) and she is just perfection. Shes just a petite little girl and so happy and pretty much eats anything i give her now.
thanks so much for all the support guys.
she hasnt been taking in much formula lately like less than 300 mls a day maybe its the teething? and has been getting fever lately. will keepp on trying my best and let her eat at her on pace and wat she likes. today for breakfast i tried omelete with cheese no luck. but i will keep offering and making her new things. and last nite she slept at 9 yeh but she woke up at 12 n i gave her a bottle she only had 60ml and was wide awake so i went to sleep so she would sleep and it worked. also she had breakfast at 10 today and lunch at 2 n napped at 3 so im trying also so change her routine.

i tried to put her to bed at 9 last nite cause she had dinner round 7 and at the end she slept at 11.45.
And she didnt want any breakfast today i offeres weetbix, fruit, cheese, avocardo and ham. maybe it is the teething or the weather so hot.
still waiting for results from pead
does anyone know how much fish i can feed my dd? once or twice a week
does anyone know how much fish i can feed my dd? once or twice a week

the pead called and her tests are all fine so she just needs to eat more fats.
we are having trouble with our daughter as well. she is 21 months old and weighs 8.8 kgs. she will not eat anything and it is driving me crazy.
really does she still drink formula or cows milk??
my baby is starting to like these rice rusks things but i know that wont help with her weight at least she is chewing it.
how much did ur baby weigh when she was born and is she tony?

Can I just say that she doesn't look like she is lacking in anything and if I didn't know what she weighed I never would have assumed she was as "little" as she is. DS2 is probably about 8.5kg at 16 months, but unlike DS1 who was comped with formula from an early age DS2 wasn't because I refused to. Won't go into details and bore you to death (unless you want me to)but long and short is that I was ff from birth, eat plenty of stuff that is high in fats (good and bad kinds)and I don't gain weight for nothing, it's just genetically how am I meant to grow and I just accept it and figure that both boys are the same. DS1, who was at the bottom of all the charts as a baby is now at the top at 5. DS2 who is technically off the "normal" weight charts is now back on the WHO bf ones after being off them for months(though interestingly not off their height for weight ones ever). He eats plenty of fatty foods, loves avocados for example but he's still hit and miss with the weight gain, he was about 7.6kg at 12 months.

I guess having been here before and stressing then has given me tools to cope and I learned alot between having DS1 and having DS2 and am alot more laid back about the whole thing; I watch him and ignore the scales because if he wasn't getting enough food then he would let me know.

She looks like she is healthy and happy if not a bit "petite" so enjoy and try to relax; easy to say I know but the stress won't help either of you. Do you "wear" her at all? I find that if I carry Alex around alot that seems to help on the weight gain front.
Feel free to PM me if you want.


I have to agree with you Christina,

from her pictures she actually looks really healthy with the usual amount of baby fat, lol I would never guess by looking at her pictures that she weighed so little.

Genetics play a massive part in it all, both my 5 and 6 year old were extremely fussy eaters and didn't hit 10kg until 18 months. now they eat whatever I put in front of them and they are both still really skinny, they both weigh only 20kg at 5.5 and nearly 7, I am skinny and I think they will always be too.

ekin you are doing a great job with offering a variety of foods and if you keep persevering with her routine I think you will both be a bit happier.

Remember we are all here for you day and night, lol

Mum of three amazing people

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