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  5. my 12 month old is just 7.6 kilos im really worried

my 12 month old is just 7.6 kilos im really worried Lock Rss

she looks big in photos even her grandma that lives in another state always thinks she looks big in the photos when she comes down for a vist she see how small she is she looks like a 6 month old and still fit into 00 clothes. but i guess like u all said as long as she is healthy. but she did lose abit shes 7.3 now. thanks for ur help guys i know ur here nite n day hee hee thanks
also she is only 69 cm n her head cir is 42
shes not eating again im not stressed but is it ok for her to have formula only?
went to the docs today and she weighs 7.8kg at 13 months not gained alot still worried sick
try giving her chicken nuggets. a friend of mine did this, and her daughter bulked up pretty quick, over about 4 or 5 months. but definately keep offering her finger foods. and if you can afford it, grab the toddler canned foods, and give them to her, that will be easy for her to chew, and should help to bulk her up. the 1-3year foods, they are quite soft and easy to eat.

i am giving them to my DFD who is 12mths and only 8kg, to help bulk her up, she gets them for lunch. everything else is normal foods, in bite sized pieces. she also wont eat much solids as everything has been previously pureed for her, and she hardly recognises what real food is. shes sitting here munching on toast at moment, so YAY thats one step forward!

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