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Nearly two and talking no sense :) Lock Rss

Hi there,

Firstly, this is a great opportunity as I don't have many people I can chat with and those I can, are too proud and/or full of themselves to ever admit their child is not perfect to have a real conversation.

I would appreciate any feedback or comments....

My son is almost two and while he healthy, bouncing, dancing, singing, active as a two year old would be expectied to be... he talks alot but doesn't make any sense, still grunts and points at things he wants and understands everything you say, talks back to you in paragraphs and hand expressions are fully used at the same time but no actual words except for mama, dayee (daddy).

I read to him every night and we insist on pronouncing things to him before giving him what he wants but he just laughs and has no interest in trying to speak. When he does speak, he doesn't stop babbling and telling stories directly to you but no actual words.

What do you think?
I have been through the same thing you are now. My nearly 5 yr old still has trouble talking but he has come a long way since he was 2. He never said anything more than mum dad after 12 mnths and I thought he will get there eventually like his other friends he played with.
Caleb never said anything else by the time he was 2 and he also babbled a lot that we had no understanding of what was being said. We took him to doctors to behaviour specialists even to a therapist to see what was going on in his little head.
His tantrums were shocking as he couldn't talk he would get so frustrared and end up chucking huge tantrums that we didn't know how to control.We too read to him all the time but he had no interest in sitting still and listening to us at all. He was so busy all the time and walked at 10 mnths and never stopped.
We then decided that he needed to be assesed by a speach therapist and it was decided he was a full 12mnth behind other children his own age and this was very upsetting for me as I thought I had done something wrong for him to not be learning much.
He started going to speech therapy once a week for an hour and gradually over a yr we started noticing huge improvements but he still babbled between other words.
We were then advised to place him in childcare to play with other children so he could hear them talk and interact with them too. This was really difficult for him as he didn't understand why he was being left there and cried constantly for weeks before he settled him.
Then he started kindy and this had been an amazing turn around for him. He recieves 30mins everyday with a therapist and has shown such an interest in what is being learnt and loves doing so.
Gosh I hope I haven't caused you any alarm but I advise you to get him checked out asap through your local cafhs centre thats what we have in south australia and they will advise you where to go from then on.
I hope all goes well with your decision on what to do.

My son James didn't talk much untill he hit two, he started talking some words - I can remember him saying "whats that" as we used to say it alot when taking him for walks, but didn't get much significant speech untill he hit two, and then started sayin two words together etc. He never even babbled much. Now he is 3 and talks nice and clearly and in sentences etc.
My daughter Matilda is one and a half now (well 17 months to be exact) and we haven't really got any real words out of her yet, a bit of mum mum, dad dad and thats about it. Oh and she can do woo woo for what does a dog say, or when she hears a dog barking. That's what we taught James too, the various animals and animals sounds by reading books & pointing things out. She does babble like shes talking though and you sometimes get the gist of what she might be saying - but it's anyones guess.
It's hard no to worry, but being my 2nd kid I'll admit I haven't spent as much one on one time with her like with James. She understand things we say and can follow directions (at her will mind you) we can both see that shes a smart little girl. So I'm not really worried. I have thought at times wether I should take her for those developmental checkups, and I think I'll take her for an 18 month one, but she's happy healthy and fine to me.

I wouldn't worry too much & I'm sure you will find reassurance here. Otherwise for your peice of mind go & see the community health people, if you are particularly worried as it is always better to pick up any problems early.


Kristina, Mum of James 3yrs & Matilda 14 months

my little boy is 21 months and also talks alot but not a great deal of sense we have about 8 words now. i found that when my son started playing with a little boy the same age next door that within weeks both the children had picked up new words, they just taughht eachother and copied each other.
i too was concerned about his speach but after speaking to every health professional i could access i found this was normal for boys his age, unfortunatly boys develop speach a bit later than girls and i should only worry if the speach hasnt improved by about 2.5!! i hope this has helped

Lisa + 3


My 20mth old has been a slower talker in comparison to his peers. When with other kids Ryan's age you would hear them blurting out all these words and even putting a number of words together whereas until a couple of weeks ago Ryan had a vocab of about 12-15 words and half of them only we understood what he was saying. Like you describe he understands everything you tell him, you ask him to go get an item from a certain room in the house and he brings it to you, and sicne the age of about 12mths old he has been able to tell you what he wants with his grunting and pointing and other signs he uses.

A few months ago he started the 'babble'. He comes up to you with all this expression in his eyes and tells you a story in what sounds to be chinese (DH was asking if the postman was chinese tongue ) My mum said once he started doing that the words would come as he is trying out sounds, and sure enough she has been right. In the last fortnight all of a sudden he is coming out with at least a new word a day, its like he has worked out how to put all the sounds together.

From seeing friends with girls and boys, boys generally seem to be later talkers and earlier with the motor skills (but not always of course), If you are worried about it speak to your child health nurse but personally I never worried about it cause I figured Ryan would talk in his own time and he has.

Good luck

Ryan (2) & Jayden (18mths)

My son is two and he dosent talk much, his father is concerned about it but Im not as I see he talks when he wants to. Yes its mostly grunts and alot of mubble jummble but sometimes it's clear as day!!
He talks fast which makes it all mixed up and is just in such a hurry to get things out he dosent think to take his time. When he is just sitting around and isnt to excited it comes out perfect, excited to see something it's all just mumbles and screeches.
I think you should just let him take his time and I believe just like my boy one day it will all just work out in there little minds and you wont be able to shut him up. Dont force him to talk as I have found it just makes them more frustrated, and he wont want to talk at all.

Mummy to 3 Boys

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