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My almost 1 year old son hates swimming lessons. He begins climbing up as I carrying him towards the pool. He cries the minute we touch the water. The swimming teacher has told me I am probably wasting my money as he doesn't join in the activities and suggested I begin taking him to the pool by myself and give him time to get used to the setting. He is not scared of water. He enjoys his toddler pool, baths and showers. I don't want him to be scared of swimming forever. Any ideas and success stories would be great.
[Edited on 05/02/2009]

Howdy! I have answered in the baby section.
Thanks, wasn't sure if he was considered a toddler yet.


first thing change your swimming instructor. they are getting paid to teach your child to swim not to lecture you to stop them swimming and tell you what your child likes and not likes.

i took my son swimming when he was 5 months, he loves the water but ive seen tons of mums taking their kids for first time swimming (kids from young to over 3's) and they would scream the place down. a helpful instructor would comfort you and help you to help your child to swim and get through the lesson as pleasantly as they can!

ive gone to 2 different swim schools, changing to a location closer to home and all instructors and nice and patient, and your child will learn in their own time and having other kids there that do swim is great as kids learn from other kids quicker.

good luck and with time they will be a little fish smile

Tania and Jaiden

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