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giving dummies to the easter bunny? Lock Rss

hi, i was just wondering if anyone has done or heard of this?

ds will be 18months by the time easter gets here & i have always hated his dummy. he didnt have it til about 6months as he got real sick & this was the only thing that seemed to help.

i am pregnant with number 2 due in may and want to try to get rid of the dummy before the bub arrives, i dont want this bub to have one.

is it too early to try giving to easter bunny? how do i go about it? do i put them all out? also someone suggested putting a present in their place, what sort of present (something that would interest him enough to help him forget?)

any help is appreciated, thanks

Hi there, I was going thru the same questions, my ds is 2 next week and we hate the dummy! He refused to give it up, so we kept letting him have it until we were totally ready to get rid of it.... This was last week. He never has it at kindy so when we went to pick him up last week, we didnt give it back. We told him how he is such a big boy now, and that the babies need dummies, not big boys like him. We then took him shopping and brought him a big boy dummy. So surprisingly, he was great. We had a rough night the first nigth, not so much hiim asking for it but wanting comfort. Now he is learning to settle himself other ways. I would try the easter bunny, perhaps replace the dummy with a toy, but keep reminding him how good he/she is!!

Good luck, i hope it works!!! Make sure, if your going to stick to it, you throw them all away so you dont cave in, because it can get very hard at times. Sharon
I took my two older children's dummy's away when they were around the 16-18 month mark. My DD1 was 18 when DD was born and he definitely didn't have it still so must have been 16 months. We had absolutely no problems with either of them. First few nights were a bit rough but it is worth it in the end.

My third child DS2 is 13 months and is showing sighns of not needing his dummy as much so his comfort days are numbered, lol.

In regards to your question I have heard many Mums and Dads talk about giving the dummy to Santa so I don't see why the Easter bunny wouldn't work. Maybe try a basket filled with small toys and eggs, that way he sees it as a worth while trade.

Mum of three amazing people

cool, thanks heaps for the tips everyone smile

hi, just wondering do your kids have the dummy only at night while sleeping or during the day as well?

my son has it only when he sleeps and im curious as well how you go about geting rid of him needing it to fall asleep/sleep. how would he comfort himself without it?

Tania and Jaiden

well happy to report on 3rd dummy free day smile
ds was having the dummy all through the day, then i started to make him leave it in his cot before we got him out. he did it first time no worries so that encouraged me to keep going. after a few days i didnt give it to him when he went to bed, hes already pretty out of it as he has a bottle just before, then the next day for his nap i just let him cry for a bit and he eventually fell aslpeep. im fairly strong willed so i can let him cry when i know hes just whinghing for the dummy. i got a little intense but is was only 5mins or so then he fell asleep.
i tried reading to him but he knew i was there so just wanted me. a couple of times i have just had him in my rocking chair to settle him then put him in bed.
seems to be going good, today i will throw the dummies away.

tanzy-how old is your boy? try the easter bunny thing, i was going to get ds to collect his in a basket, leave them on the front porch & then replace the dummies with choc & a toy

hi Cass,

congratulations on the dummy free triumph smile it gives you a little pleasure that its going well.

my son is 20 months so he doesnt know anything about the eater bunny just likes the eggs LOL

he only uses the dummy for sleep we dont let him have it during the day but eventually id like to take that away too just dont know how he'll handle it

Tania and Jaiden

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