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Hi peoples i thought i would post what happened to my 12 month old girl this week, so others can hopefully get some help from what i have to say.
Well my poor lil hailie has all her first 4 molars coming through at once,, well shes been grizzly (understandable) but then she got the runs and her poo was yellow and it was so smelly,not normal smelly it was a real off smell,and she got the most worse nappy rash i had ever seen, as shes never had nappy rash i freaked, it got so red in such a short amount of time, so off to the docs we went....
He then told me that when they teeth they realease an acid which was causing an allergic reaction to her skin and making her bowels work overtime. so with that i was sort of relieved.
I had to put 3 creams on which cleared it up ...
A friend of mine said that her bubs had the same problem and that she was told to use cornflour and that it has something in it that heals it, her bubs looked at her as if to say Thank -you, so yeh what a dilema us mums gotta go thru, when you think you know it all you learn something new everyday..... seeyasss

kylie (30) from munno para

THank you for your excellent message email My little 14 month old boy is just starting to cut his eye teeth and we have noticed that he has been having the most shocking poos - just like you said yellowish/green and very, very smelly. We thought it was a stomach bug and were very concerned. Thank you, your email has confirmed what someone told me yesterday that the teeth problem is causing this.

HF, NT, 10mth baby

Thanks for sharing that information... grin

There are a lot of mums out there who would not have known that... I am in fact one of them.

With baby number 2 almost here, I am going to keep that one stored in the back of my mind.


Yes, my two are exackly the same! They even tend to get slight rashes on their face, like a heat rash, kind of!

My tip, avoid wipes and use washes or cotton wool!


DD5, DS3, DS lost to SIDS at 6mths & DD6m

yeh i forgot to mention that,my lil girl has a rash also like a little pimples on her back.its the teething rash, iam just happy ive helped smile

kylie (30) from munno para

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