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Calling all mums of walking 10 month olds!! Lock Rss

I am the extreamely proud mum of a very happy & healthy 10 month old, who has always progressed sooner than other babies in our mothers group. I have recently been told that I am "pushy" and making bub do things he is not ready for.
Our Maternal Health Nurse has said since he was little he was advanced for his age, and ALL babies do things when they are ready, they can NOT be forced.
However, to tell other mums in our group that my baby is doing things their 12 mth olds are not sounds like I'm being too proud, pushing him etc... So while other mothers can say their 12 mth old is starting to walk (and be outwardly proud of it), I am forced to sit back and listen. This is upseting, as my family is so proud of our little bub, we want everyone to know how smart he is, same as any other proud parents!!
So I am hoping to hear from other parents who have babies developing sooner than the "norm". What is normal anyway? No wonder kids have a hard time fitting in at kinder/school!! Every child is an individual an developes at his/her own pace. I think this should be taught to kids as soon as they are old enough to understand.
Hi happy!

I understand completely, I find myself actually playing down my daughter's abilities, which is sad. My daughter is doing extremely well developmentally, across all areas. She started walking before 9 months, signed and said her first word at 5 months, at 10 months had over 30 words and signs and carried out simple commands eg 'Where's the crocodile? Go get it and show daddy.' The other mums are constantly comparing and referring to her as a genius, and this label worries me, as i dont believe this to be true. Labelling creates segregation. Children all have their own developmental paths, and how early a child does things is no indication of how intelligent, successful or most importantly happy they are and will become. They will guide you in their learning needs, and you can respond by providing learning opportunities. There is a huge variation in child development and what is considered 'normal'. In saying this, it is also wonderful to be proud and excited when your baby does things for the first time, regardless of whether they walk at 7 months or 17 mths. Enjoy your child and be proud of who they are. Their sense of self and esteem is shaped in these early years by you primarily, let your child know how clever and special he is, and help him to recognise positive qualities in others. This will help him through school and life's challenges. Now i have to take my own advice....

Ang WA, 11 mth girl

I think you need to find yourself new friends! If they can't be happy for you and your bub, then stuff em!!!
I've found myself a few close friends that all have kids the same age and are all genuinly excited with eachothers childrens milestones. Some have been advanced at some things and behind in others. Those that walked early may have been average in speaking, or got teeth late. It all works out in the long run. But even if someone elses child did something for the first time that my kid had been doing for a while, I was still excited and made a fuss over it, and them with my children. You need to find people like this to surround yourself with, not the people that need to cut you down to feel like a good mother themselves.
By the way - I'm very excited that your 10 month old is walking. What a clever little man. Don't be quiet about it, shout it from the roof tops, then watch for the people that come running to congratulate him!

bindi - mum of two

Both my bubs walked the end of 9 months old and i was over the moon i thoughtthey usually started walking around 12 month age as thats what my friends children did. Mine too have spoken quiet early jake can count to 20 and knows his abc's and shapes colours and knew all this by 18 months old i didnt force him you cant force a child. If a child wants to be taught they will learn and mine did they had so much fun learning and still are.

YOu should be proud and should be aloud to be proud.

Selene, NSW, JAKE 3 TAYLAH 1

My son walked at 10 months, he was earlier than most other boys...but I found noone was aweful about this, probably envious, wishing that their children were doing what mine is, but never aweful (to my face).
My DS has always been more active and full on than most others his age, and it can be a blessing and a curse...but while he is very developed as far as walking, running, jumping etc...he is not speaking as clearly as some of the other girls his age...
Kids develop at different rates, you should be very proud of your son, I am, but I tend to rave about how clever he is to family rather than friends, as friends often get insulted!!

Me, NSW & DS 22.12.04

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