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LARGE BABY??? Lock Rss

Although my daughter is only 7months old... I'm desperate 4 answers from parents with older children. I have been told by Child Health Nurse that my daughter is the weight of a 13month old and the length of a 9month old... What did I do wrong????????????

Michelle, WA, mum to abbiegayle-jai 25/8/05

What a terrible thing for you CN to say! What is she like on the charts?
Is she healthy and happy, if she is than you can't be doing anything wrong!!

Jeninne, WA, Bradyn 24/11/04, #2 Ryan 01/12/06

How much does your daughter weigh?

I hardly think that you can control how tall she is!

You did nothing wrong. Bugger the nurse!
Hi pthmumma
I wouldn't worry about it too much. If your daughter's height & weight have been progressing at a steady rate over that seven months, there is probably very little to worry about. One thing to remember on the height/weight charts - they use a bell curve - as in a small percentage will be at either end of the scale and the rest somewhere in between. When your daughter starts to crawl, then walk, then run - you will probably find that her weight will plateau out anyway. My son is 2.5 and when he was a baby, had no trouble putting on the weight. When he started to walk at nine months, the weight gain almost ground to a halt. (Kinda good - we can get two seasons out of most of his clothes).

My SIL has a 3.5 year son who is on the bigger scale - she has been told is the size/weight of a five-six year old, but he is also tall, so still in proportion. Her doctor (who is a paediatrician) has told her that his weight is not a problem - obviously her son is just meant to be bigger than others his age.

Ignore the nurse, or find another nurse, and remember - the height/weight charts are just statistics - if your child is otherwise happy and healthy, then she is most likely to be the size she is meant to be.

James' Mum

You Did nothing wrong!!!
They are all different.
My DD was 11pound born(so she already started life at the size of a 4mth old) & 58cm.
She has never been on the chart for height or weight but she has followed her own line beautifully!!
My CN has been a great support telling me she is perfect and doing well & very happy with her growth(considering her birth weight)
She is now 19mths and weighs 13.4kg and is 89cm(they say they should put on 2kg in the 2nd yr & she has but on 1.4kg,so going to scale)
So there you go I have a 19mth old that is probably on par with some 3yr olds and everyone is happy!!
So don't worry all is fine smile

ps-Did I mention she is god dam adorable wink

LOL I hate when people or nurse say "Size is a concern" --- Let me start by saying my son was born
56cm length 11pounds weight (which is 4990K)

ill follow by saying i am only 157cm tall - and his daddy is only 159cm our weights they average out for our ages (22 & 29) so our son clashed with his length and weight in comparison to us, his parents.

Obviously my son was not average then and is still not average now!!!! born basically as an average 3-4mth old being 19mths old now is an average 2-2.5yr old.......

my nurse states there is nothing wrong with him as all his measurements conincide with one another. As long as your childs measurements on the chart are in a specific range of one another they are perfectly fine.......

And there is always that use of Motherly instinct.... Im sure with no doubt you will know if your child has problems or needs attention in any areas of life.

NSW, 17mth boy, 5 & 6 girls

i would just like to say dont take it on i had caesareanat 38 weeks cause my daughter was to little they told me she might not make it she was 1710grams and very healthy even though she was small the health care nurses still give me hell now 1 year later she is gaining weight but slowly and some times she does not put on enough so i have to have extra visits so dont worry that child is bigger for the age i am the opposite you are doing fine as i am i dont listen anymore because i used to get so upset its not worth it she is happy and healthy you will probably find that it will change all through her life you know that she is healthy good luck with everything

had 2 C-SECTION and a proud mum

My daughter and son where to both born over 9 pounds and length 56cms so already up the 4 month old mark when born my son is 3 know and towers over 4 year olds in height my daughter is 13 months old and is taller and heavier than some 2 year olds but neither are fat my son is very slender and my daughter is slender to. All bubs are different some are smaller than others and some are bigger than others

Selene, NSW, JAKE 3 TAYLAH 1

my daughter is tiny they always give me hard time to but just remember every child is diffrent and she will still start slowing down soon and she will start getting more active dont stress

had 2 C-SECTION and a proud mum

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