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15 month old not yet confident to walk by himself Lock Rss


My DS is 15 months old today and is not yet walking by himself. He happily cruises furniture (& walls), runs with his push thing and walks steadily holding our hand. He did take a step by himself the other week but fell once he realised what he had done.

Any tips on how to help build his confidence or will it happen when he is ready?

Are there any other 15 month olds who are the same?

[Edited on 15/03/2009]
My little guy didn't take his first step until 16.5mths. He'd been cruising around furniture for a while before that but just wouldn't do it on his own. Once he did start he took off quickly! Enjoy being able to catch him while you still can!

I think it'll just happen when it happens.

Hi osmum,

Thank you for the reply. He took 4 steps today so I know he can do it but as you say they do when they are ready.

Thanks again!

My daughter will be 15 mths months this weekend and just started walking 1 and 1/2 weeks ago. She was doing exactly the same things as your little boy and it seemed like it would never happen. We tried getting her to walk between us but she just wasnt interested. This sounds strange but it worked!!! I got clothes pegs and blue tacked them to tne sliding door just above eye level(i found that she concentrated on the pegs rather than the floor and getting down and crawling) i put her a few steps away and pointed and tapped the pegs and to my surprise she walked without even knowing it!! I would increase the steps each time. The next day she was following me freely around the yard. Now 1 and 1/2 weeks later she walks full time. She was so ready to do it as it sounds your little boy is, so when she finally did do it she took to it straight away. She is very proud of herself as are we!!! Good Luck
PS: I used clothes pegs as it is something different and she doesnt have them often.

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