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How much day sleep needed for 5 month old Lock Rss

My baby is almost 5 months & has been sleeping 7pm to 7am most nights since 9 weeks. The trouble is the daytime sleeps. He's easy to put to bed for the post-breakfast nap for 40 mins, then only has 2 other 40-min naps for the rest of the day when he's more challenging to settle. He's usually very grizzly by 4.30pm with lots of crying & I think he must become over-tired.

The Sleep Requirements info for 3 - 6 months says 2 - 3 hrs at a time & 6 - 8 hrs overnight. What do recommend for the hours & timing of daytime sleeps for him, given he's getting much more (ie 12 hrs) overnight sleep?

I think you might have posted this in the wrong section. You might get some answers but if you go into the baby section and post under "Sleep & Settling" you'll probably get more responses.

Anyway, when Jeb was 5 months this was his day...
7am - wake, bottle
8am - solids
9am - sleep
11am - wake, bottle
12pm - solids
1pm - sleep
3pm - wake, bottle
4:30pm - nap 30-60mins ( he did start to fight this but and dropped it fully by 5 & 1/2 months)
5:30pm - solids
6pm - bath
6:45pm - bottle
7:15pm - bed
10:30pm - dreamfeed - some bubs by this age don't needs this

Hope this helps smile
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