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July 04 Kids Lock Rss

Are any of the July 04 mums still lurking around?

How are your big 20mth olds going? Would love to hear about them since I think our previous post went away before they were 12mths old!

Here are some starting questions:-

How much/how long do they sleep for?
Favourite Things?
Cute little things they do that make them 'them'


Ryan (2) & Jayden (18mths)

Hi Jo,

I'm still lurking... far too busy these days to get near the computer all that much. My little man, William (affectionately known as Billy) is just over 20 months old now and going great.

How much/how long do they sleep for? Billy sleeps approx 11 hours overnight and has a 2 to 3 hour day sleep most days.

Talking? He talks heaps, but he has a very vocal 3 year old sister!!! Billy can say at least 30 words... not exaggerating and he can string 2 or 3 words together. He is really very chatty and we are ALWAYS amazed by the words coming out of him!

Favourite Things? He loves Buzz Lightyear, Bob the Builder and Thomas the Tank Engine (as Billy would say Tom toot toot!) oh and hi-5.

Cute little things they do that make them 'them' Billy walks around the house looking for me saying "mama, mama..." until he finds me and then he babbles off some story to which I have no idea and then he runs off! Very cute.

Would love to hear about your little man Jo and from all the other mums with 20 month olds too!!!

Hi Jo
I am still around too
well questions?
alex sleeps 11-12 hours at night & has a sleep some days not every day argh
she is a chatter box lol but says alot off words that you can understand
her favorite thing is the computer lol but she loves her pooh bear bed time bear
she has such a great personallity now she is so clever she climbs everything & when you find her she smiles & says down hehe as she can never get down lol
hope everyone else's littlies are going great too
I just can not believe they have grown so much
alex is in size 1's now they fit her length but are to big in size
Hello Ladies....

Im a july 04 mum too, but dont think we were in the same forum, there were 2 or 3 different posts back then..
It is such hard work for such little people!

Isabella at the moment is a little whinger, she wont stop whinging and we dont know why she has been like this for more than 3 months and some days really gets to me. I just hope in time things will get better although her tantrums have started already!

How much/how long do they sleep for?
Bella was a really good sleeper 12 hours straight then at around christmas time things changed, we had so many sleepless nights and still do...
Daytime on a good day its approx 2-3 hours otherwise its 1.5hours.

she can put 2 and 3 words together and probably say about 25 words or more.

Favourite Things? She loves her electronics, just like daddy, she would rather play with a remote control or mobile or camera than any of her toys.

Cute little things they do that make them 'them'
The cutest thing is i have to say when we ask for a kiss she comes running with a big kiss then a big hug then she will put her hand on her heart and say "love"....

Well thats all i can think of atm...hope all your bubs are well..

Take care..sorry for the long post..

nsw...5 1/2 month old boy....4yr old girl

hello i'm a july 04 mum plus a july 05 mum! my kids are 12 months and 8 DAYS apart i've been trying to post on this wedsite for ages but ive had trouble untill the actually huggies people did it 4 me.

my kids sleep from 6.30-7pmsih till 6.30-7amish night i still have to get up 4 my youngest thou. and during the day my little boy go for about -2-3 naps and my girl generally only 1 during the middle of the day

my boy just said his first words the other day and my daughter likes talking she can't say sentences yet but she knows quite a few words but she doesn't use all of them. also when she learns a new word she tends to forget one

speak to u soon.

Mum of taylor (22months) and Marek (10months) smile

Hi guys

Mazz sounds like Alex had a great day and got suitably spoilt smile

Ryan is still in 1 pants (his skinny waist won't hold twos up smile ) but 2 tops. I have just bought some PP stuff for him for next winter tho (as all their winter stuff is now on special) and got him 3's so hopefully they will fit next yr ... kinda hard to judge what size he will be in a whole 12mths time.

Michelle Underwater World does sound good. We actually live only 15mins from Dreamworld and are getting annual passes later this yr when Jayden is 1 and that little bit bigger which should be awesome. The boys can both enter for free until they are 4 I think it is so its only me and DH who needs one and we can take them in whenever we want for a play/swim etc. My friend (who has a baby Jayden's age) is getting one too so we plan to meet there during the week to give the kids a play and we have a coffee and catchup.

CHristmas! I am actually quite planned on that one. We are getting the boys a cubby house to share. I am having fun researching them atm. Prob is I likc the ducks nuts ones (timber, raised with sandpit underneath, slide, climbing net etc). I reckon they'll love it and something they can use for yrs down the track as they get older.

Take care and talk soon guys

Ryan (2) & Jayden (18mths)

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