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Toddlers 3.5yo Lock Rss

Hi There,

Just wondering what your 3.5yo toddler is doing, just wanted to see if my DD is around the same if there are any areas in part I need to concentrate on before reaching Kindy next year. I'm not sure as to what they should be at this age in terms of their development, so that's why I'm asking. She will be going to Kindy next year so want to give her the best preparation.

My DD is toilet trained both day and night. She recognises her name, and her brothers. She knows the basic colours/shapes. She is starting to draw on the dotted lines, we do shapes, her name and the basic abc 123. She can draw a square and shape without any help.

Her speech is very good. Talks constantly is long sentences and asking why and is really interesed in all situations everything around her. She can hop on one leg, kick a ball, dribble, shoot hoops, hit golf ball, tennis ball, and starting to learn to hop on one leg. She also runs pretty quick. She can count to 13 and do the abc (misses some letters), she knows all her fav nursery rymes and songs. Loves singing and dancing.

She also loves doing craft. And starting to teach her to cut. She is also starting to count things, ie if I have 4 apples so can recognise and count that there are 4. Forgot to add she can also dress and undress her self, put shoes and socks on. Oh and another thing can butter her own toast now.

I know everyone develops at their own age, but by the time they are at prep school they do have a standard which they have to be at, so that's why I'm asking what's your toddler at.

I'm not asking this so that I can say my DD can do way more than that. I really don't have many friends and those mostly don't have kids. So I really don't know who to ask.

Thanks for your time
[Edited on 14/04/2009]

Hi there,

sounds very similar to my 3.5yo DD also. They do develop at their own age and most of the things that you have listed sounds like DD also. I think asllong as they can recongise basic colours and shapes, able to speak and are day trained that would be the basic expectation for kinder.

My DD has just mastered the skipping along now! She is colour selective and can group objects into colours (eg coloured plates and cups), loves playing make beleive and does a running commentary on just about everything! Able to recognise numbers and most letters and loves to cook! not too good at the clean up though!

hope that this helps you a bit and puts your mind at ease.
It sounds like your DD doing very well. A visit to your nearest Kindy will give you an idea on what to prepare. You can ring your nearest Kindy and ask if you can come for a visit since you'll be sending your DD next year.
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