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Help my 21 month old is not walking Lock Rss

Hi. My son is 21 months old and can't walk by himself yet! He will walk with you with one hand, pushes trolleys around (pretty much runs). He pretty much doesn't hang on to anything only rest his hands on furniture when walking around house. He just won't take that first step by himself. He gose to pshyo they say nothing is stopping him its just he is to scared to take it. We have even used food with him to try and help (as he loves his food) I have ran out of ideas, please help. Because some mums look at me like im not a good enough mother.

Dont feel bad.. im sure he will do it in his own time! Terrible how some people make you feel bad .. kids are all different and they develop obviously at different rates. My son just turned 2 a fortnight ago and he's taking ages to start talking so i feel the same as you. Im sure he will do it in his own time too but us mums just worry too much.


Hi thanks for that. I'm not worried about my son not walking, but as i'm only 23 year old some older mothers look down at me for it. that im not old enough to be a mother or something. He is healthy in very other way. I have been told he might have anxity (i know that's not spelt right) as i have that to.I just wish some other mothers out there know that every child is different.
You have done the right thing taking him to physio, just to make sure that every things is ok. I'm not sure how you encourage him but sometimes it helps to ignore them, I know it sounds silly but they say some kids do better when we take off the pressure, I have been told this many times with my kids but for different reasons. You sound like a great mum so don't worry what others think. Being a good mother has absolutly nothing to do with age. Just think when he does walk you will be twice as excited as usual because you had to wait a little longer to see it!!
You probably have tried everything, but I may mention it anyway:

My mother always told me that I was only able to walk with an hair brush in my hands until I was 24 months old. Obviously I needed the feeling of being able to hold onto something...
Hi Nessy,

Don't ever think you are not a good enough mother. You are doing everything to help your son so ignore what others may think. Maternal age has nothing to do with being a good mother.

My 16 month old DS is very similar to your's. He is quite able to walk by himself but chooses not to, it didn't help that he had a couple of falls which shook his confidence. He would rather hold our hand as he gets to where he wants to go faster.

One thing we have been trying over the past few days is using a 2 in 1 Harness Buddy and it is working. He feels secure having something around him and he can feel the gentle pressure that we still have a slight hold of him. He is regaining his confidence and is going really well. I guess it's a bit like what the pp said about them holding something in their hand.

Good luck!

[Edited on 07/05/2009]
Hey don't feel bad, its nothing you are doing wrong! If its any consolation, I have a 15 month old who is not even crawling yet, let alone walking! We have been seeing a physio too and our paedatrician has just referred us to a specialist as my DD doesn't like to put any weight on her legs when you try to stand her up! As everyone has already told you, they will walk etc in their own time but as a mother its hard not to feel bad about it.
Don't stress. My DD didn't walk on her own until she was about 20 months and people had started to make me feel bad also. I asked our doctor about it and she said that since DD was using her legs for everything else, jumping etc, it was a confidence thing and she'd get it eventually. And she did. So just hang in there, I've heard if they're not walking on their own by 2, to see a doctor. Good luck

Hi again Nessy,

After using the 2 in 1 Harness buddy over the past few days my DS is now walking everywhere by himself. It has been great in restoring his confidence. He now doesn't want to hold our hands. Ahhh, the beginning of another problem, lol.
Hi,My DS didnt start walking until 20 months too. We also went to physio for a number of months when he was about 1 as he wasnt rolling which the nurse told me was an important developmental milestone. I know how you feel about other judgmental mothers. What ended up working for us, and I am sure you and most parents do this - DH and I sat only a couple of feet away from each other and encouraged DS to "go to dada" etc with a big hug when he got there.
A friend of mine told me about his kids - very early walkers, and as a result, he believes, never really learnt coordination (for sport, dancing etc). He compared them to other kids he knows that were very late walkers, who he thinks comparatively are now very coordinated, again he thinks this is due to their late walking. It was the first time someone told me a positive story about late walking, and whether it has any scientific truth to it, I dont know, but I like it anyway smile Good luck !
He probably just needs motivation and needs to feel confident. Maybe try playing on the concrete which has the little rocks in it. This way he won't want to crawl on it. Remove all furniture, and put a favourite toy on the other side. Hold his hand and stand maybe a metre away, so it is only just out of reach. Bubbles is another idea. Again, just out of his reach. It may distract him enough. The only other idea is to seek outside help, if you haven't already, of a Physiotherapist for their ideas.
Hi Nessy
I know how you feel too. My 28 month old only started walking at 25 months old. We too went to physio/cranial guy who got my son walking. He bottom shuffled as he had been sitting for so long. All good now, but i used to not go to coffee group anymore as i was feeling sorry for him and he was getting quite sensitive. Do just relax and try not to think about it too much and give him a break. My son was at daycare and one day just literally got up and walked for the rest of the day!!!! smile
Good luck
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