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How big is your 13 month old? Lock Rss

I just saw the post about 18 month olds and thought that my DS is a giant! He weighed 11.5kgs and was 85cms long when he was 12 months old! That's what happens when dad is 6 foot 4 inches (also I'm 5 foot 10) lol!!
Hi well my boy was 14month old on Sunday.
His weight is 12 & half KG. Last time got his length done
when he was 12months old & that was 80cm long.

How big was your DS born? Blake was 9 pound 2 & 57cm long.

Jack was only 6 pound 6 and 50cm long. He has grown a lot since then lol!
Well at the 12month needles, Olivia was 11.25kg's and 79cms long (short compared to the boys but taller then most kids her age) She is taller now, but hasn't put on much weight, i think due to all the running around she is doing now!

she was 8pound'2 born and 52cm's long (so normal length then)

DD is 26 months now but she is still smaller than your little one lol. She was 8.6kg at 14 months, not sure on length.
My DD is 14 months and her 12 month check she was 9.7kg and 74cm, she was 7 weeks prem, weighing 2.3kg. She is a little smaller but I'm sure she'll catch up
At 18 months old my boy was 85cm tall and 14.36kg.... He was a big heavy one (he was since birth - born 3.86kg, he always put weight on rapidly - he was 13kg at 12 months old), and was NOT overfed.. Once he started walking and running his weight started to slow down, finally hahah. He is now nearly 3yrs old and weighs 17.5kg and around 97cm tall, he by no means looks fat, he is and has always been very muscley and big boned.

At 12 month check ds was 12.89kg and 84cm length. He was 3.82kg at birth but wasn't measured. He's off the charts for height and weight since 10 months.

Sounds similar to my son. At 12 months he was 80cm's tall and weighed 12.5kg's. Now he is 15 months old and weighs 13.3kg's and is 82 cm's tll
My son at 13 months was 12.5 kilos and 84 cms and he was close to being off the charts (born 9p6oz). He is now 5 1/2 years and is really tall. My daughter is 12 months now and weighs only 9.7 kilos and 74cms so even as siblings, they are completely different. People used to comment how much older my son looked for his age but with my daughter I get comments on how small she is!

Flossy77, what was your sons birth weight? Sounds like he takes after his dad smile

Oh sorry forgot to mention my daughter weighed 6p5oz at birth (42weeks)Son was 42 weeks also.

My Son was born 7.3lb and at 13mnths he's 17.2kgs and 90cms. His father is 6`8 and I am pacific islander decent. My son had been off the charts since his 6 wk check up. He's a very healthy and strong boy. I caught him picking up one of my 5kg weight at 12months old..
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