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what is your 16 month old doing? Lock Rss

Hi All,
I'm glad to hear I'm not the only one coping with a very active child-moving chairs around to climb up on the kitchen table, the other day my son was weilding a knife at me!! very innocently of course. My son was born on the 15th April 03 and now has a 7 week old sister. He gets his nappy bag and goes to the door and waves 'ta ta'-he wants to go out in the car. Besides climbing on everything, when we do go out he just bolts off - he rarely looks back to check if we are following him, he just runs. This was really 'fun', not, when I was pregnant. He knew I couldn't chase him.
He says 'da da' for almost everything, and points to things he wants and says 'dere' (almost like 'there'). I can work out most of the time what he's trying to say (he calls his sister 'de de'-her name is Hayley) but he often gets frustrated with me when I don't work out what he wants or won't give it to him.
He constantly wants me to pick him up to see what I'm dong in the kitchen and if I don't he will bang his head on the wall in some sort of tantrum.
As much as he does this, when he kisses and hugs me or giggles when we play hidey, my heart just melts all his bad behaviour is forgiven in an instant.
He will now sit and watch a DVD (he loves that New Mcdonalds farm - bought the DVD the other day) for a while, which is great-I put it on when I feed the baby. He can ride his Stride to Ride and another little car he has really well, he goes forward and backwards and can steer them around well. He has been sleeping a big bed since he was a year old-it has bars on the sides because he will still roll out of the bed.
I find they just jump in leaps and bounds in what new things they can do. There are new sounds they make, I'm teaching him the noises animals make e.g I'll ask what noise does a cow make, he will say 'moo' and go and pick up his toy cow. A lot of it they just pick up. They are just amazing little people.
Hi there,

My little boy is almost 16 months (born 16 May '03). I've been thinking that he's nowhere near as advanced as his sister was with talking, but today I wrote down all the things he can say in his baby book...(I've been very slack with you tend to be with lots of things with the second baby!!)

Anyway, I ended up writing heaps of words down..and thought, wow - he does actually know how to say a lot of things. He can say mumma, dadda, Ell-ooo (for Ellie), Pa, ba (means bath), bor(means ball), no (and shakes head), bye bye, up, uh-oh, wo-wo (means drink or water), tan-too (thankyou)...and he can do animal noises for dog, cat, cow, horse and duck (and does the quack quack thing with his hand).

We can ask him where's your head, where's your eyes, where's your nose, where's your tongue, where's your tummy, where's your ears, where's your legs, where's your toes.....and where's your willy!!! And he points to the right body part.

I'm really getting into a good old brag session now! He's quite co-ordinated for his age (started walking at 11.5 months). He goes to Gymbaroo and the lady who runs it said they can't usually jump with both feet off the ground, then land with both feet until at least 18 months...but he can do it now...and he jumps really high. He's really good at throwing balls and can catch a big ball if you throw it gently. He can kick a ball quite well too. Of course hubby is getting all excited trying to decide which sport Luke is going to play!! And at Gymbaroo he can climb a ladder now without any help!! And he loves to climb on anything and everything at home!! He's recently worked out how to climb up on the beds...then jump around, which is a bit of a worry!!

He's such a cheeky little ratbag. Like you said Michy...he looks at you with that cheeky grin when he's doing something that he knows is naughty..and it's so hard not to laugh, because he looks so cute. He loves to pull the books off the bookshelf, take things out of the kitchen drawers and throw them on the floor, get into the shower and get his socks all wet, etc etc etc

In the past few weeks he's started hitting his 4 year old sister, pushing her and pulling her hair (whilst laughing). This is a worry and I'm not sure what to do about it. I don't like the idea of smacking him as a punishment for smacking someone...because we're trying to teach him that it's wrong to smack. Are they too young for time out at this age?

I'm finding having a toddler boy completely different to having a toddler girl! She was so placid and well behaved. We didn't even need to babyproof the house for her....but him...that's a completely different story!!!!

Hi Michelle,

Your 2 children sound EXACTLY like mine.

My daughter was child proofing the house but Nicholas is a total different story. He is like a cyclone. It must be a boy thing, he is so cheeky & so gorgeous at the ame time.

He hits Georgia a bit & the other day threw a pencil at her face so we put him in his cot for time out for a minute or 2. We closed his door & when we got him out he gave my hubby the biggest cuddle. We have only done it once but if he keeps up the hitting thingy I think we will do it a little more often. They are smarter than we give them credit for I think & they know exactly the reason they have been in trouble!!

Had to laugh when you mentioned the shower thing, thats what Nic does too. I have to keep the bathroom door shut. Nic started walking at 9.5 months so he has kept me on my toes from early on thats for sure.


Michelle - Mum to 2

Hey Michelle.....I told you we had a lot in common!!!

Yes, it is definitely a boy thing!! They sure are a handful...but so cute & cheeky that you can't resist them!

My hubby & I were talking the other day about how we can teach Luke that what he's done is naughty or unacceptable, without smacking him. I suggested that we could put him in his cot for a few minutes, but hubby just laughed and said "as if that will work." But I think I might try it anyway. I'm just worried that he'll get confused and think it's time for a sleep!! Oh..the joys of boys!!

Not only does the shower fascinate Luke, so does the toilet. He likes to put things in it, and slam the lid open & shut (how hygienic!!). And unravelling the toilet roll is another favourite pastime. Our main toilet door is always shut, but he can get into our ensuite if I forget to shut our bedroom door (or if I'm in there trying to get ready..and he's in there with me..playing with the shower & toilet).

I can't believe how early Nicholas started walking! That's really young. So you've been chasing him around for a long time then!!

See Ya
My daughter was born 5th April 2004 and is doing some things your babies are and not others. We have talked about colours for ages but I am getting nowhere and she needs a lot of help with shape sorters and will only draw once I have hammed it up by doing one first for her to look at.

She talks very well, however - 50 or so words and is beginning to string 2 and 3 words together - its a puppy!, where is it? etc. SHe loves books and can point to nose, eyes, mouth, fingers etc of animals and people in real life and in pictures. She can tell me when she needs to poo but is not interested in sitting on the potty but will put her doll on the potty.

She walked at 13 months and is running now.

I wouldn't worry about what they are and not doing as long as they are showing progress as it seems like they are all doing a few things ahead and a few things behind.
Hi Linda,
our son is 15 months and started walking occasionally, loves clapping his hands, chasing his sister, says dog and barks at them. Started nodding for yes and I have heard him say no! of course! great sleeper, bad teether and is very very cheeky.

BelindaQld, 4 children (1 in heaven)

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