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Hi I have a 20 month old who has development delay. She is a happy healthly, beauitful little girl but she is delayed in all areas of her development. She still is not walking but can pull her self to standing. Her speech is also delayed very chatty but still only single words mummy daddy etc. We have had a MRI test done which did not find any real cause for the delay. We see all the therapist speech, OT and physio on a regular basis. But it is still really frustrating because we are no closer to knowing why but more importantly for me how this will effect her long term ie school etc. It breaks my heart every day to see her peers running around doing all the things they are supposted to be doing and she isn't able to to the same. I know she gets frustrated. Just wondering if anyone else is in a similar situation?
My son turned 2 in April and he's still only using single words... he can say about 20 words but he doesnt use them all the time. He understands 90% of what we instruct him to do or what we ask him. He talks constantly but its stuff we cant understand! im sure he thinks that he is making sense and we are the ones not understanding him. We read to him, constantly talk to him and have never baby talked him. He is otherwise, like your daughter, healthy and happy and eats and sleeps perfectly fine. He is very active, running, jumping etc. I dont think your daughter not walking yet will affect her in the future. My workmates daughter didnt walk til she was 22 months old and she is now a happy healthy normal 5 year old little girl. I understand how frustrating it is though!


My 15 month old DD is not crawling...let alone walking and cannot even pull herself up onto things. We have seen the Paedatrician, a specialist and a couple of different physios and at this stage they seem to think she just has very low muscle tone. She is yet to have an MRI (am still waiting to be booked in) so we can have a look and determine if there are any issues there. However she appears to be well developed in most other areas, can feed herself with a fork and spoon, hold a cup, understands what we say to her. Its hard to say whether she has a development delay in her speech as she uses about 10 words regularly (mainly single words)and babbles constantly in her own language the rest of the time! We haven't had that checked out. So...I do know where you are coming from and as a mother it can be very frustrating, you are not alone smile
Hi it can be so frustrating. My DS is 14 & half months old.
Still not walking.
He can only say mum & dad but not very much.
He has a lot of ear infection. On waiting list for ear nose throat Dr. Also always sick with a runny nose.

A developmental delay can be just that, a delay. My best friends little boy had longer delays than what you are describing. He is now 11 and a computer whiz who does well at school and sport. He had caught up to his peers by the time he was about 5. I can imagine it would be very frustrating but it may not mean anything in the long run.
I don't think it sounds like her speech is really that delayed at all. My DS is 21 months this week and only in the past week and a half has started putting two words together and now says things like 'tip truck', 'daddy's car' and 'tea towel' etc. Prior to this he was only using single words.
I have heard of other kids who still aren't walking at this age and who have gone on to develop very normally. Does she understand simple instructions and is otherwise alert? Maybe you might find a second opinion from a pediatrician helpful?

hi my middle son has develomental delay he is 15 years he went to a main stream kinder and had an aid and then went to a special group to help him with his speech and also did the main stream primary schools but now as he is older i have put him into a special high school and he has achieved so much he plays basketball now for the school he has come so far in the last few years but no one can notice it as much as i can everyday is somthing new for each invidual child good luck
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