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My 3.5yr old DS is stuttering quite badly and it is heartbreaking. He talks a lot and will stumble over two or three words in most sentences.. I have spoken to his kinder teacher and she has suggested that if things haven't improved by the end of next term we should probably see a speech therapist. But in the last couple of weeks or so it has gotten considerably worse. He is literally trying to force words out of his mouth and yells them when he finally gets them out.
We have tried telling him to slow down and think about the word he is trying to say. We dont reprimand him for the stuttering or try and finish his sentences because I think it is important for him to get out what he is trying to say, no matter how long it takes him. We praise him when he says a sentence with no stuttering.

So my questions are who refers you to a speech therapist? What sorts of things do they do? How long does it generally take (or is that like asking how long is a piece of string)? Am I doing the right things for the moment or is there something else I can be doing for him?

Sorry for the long post but I have been in tears this morning because it is brreaking my heart to hear him struggle like this.

Thanks, Jo

Sorry to hear your little one is struggling so much. It is hard to see them trying and getting frustrated but you sound like you are doing a great job. The best thing to do is not to rush them and always give lots of praise.

I think kindy should be able to refer you and if they can not your doctor definitely can. If you can go private do it because public waiting lists can be huge but still put your name down for public so when a spot comes up you can take it. It can be very expensive especially if you need it long term. They normally assess the child and decide where to go from there. I found with my son they were fantastic with giving me different things to do at home, they will have some great ideas. As for how long it takes, it is different for each child depending on the severity.

I must add though a lot of kids go through a stage where they have so much they want to say it seems like they can not get it out. A few boys at my sons kindy were like that and by school had mostly sorted it out themselves.

Good luck, you know your son the best so if you feel he needs speech therapy right now then do it. I can not recommend it enough.
Your GP can refer you for speech therapy and I would not be taking the advise of the kindy teacher as it does take a considerable amount of time to get into speech therapy unless your willing to pay the considerable costs of going private. Get in now and get the ball rolling, If when your apponintment finally rolls around you think it isnt needed you can easily cancel it but I doubt that will happen if it is getting worse.

Cheers Ness

Thank you. Do you know how much it costs to see someone privately? I want to get onto it as soon as possible so it looks like private might be the way to go.

Hey Jo
My bf is a speech pathologist (specialises in children) and she practices privately. Her initial cost is $120 but you get around $80 back from Medicare - then all follow up consults are $80 getting approx $60 back.

When he talks try and get him to slow it down a little or sing what he is about to say. Obviously it will be embarrasing for him at first but alot of children that stutter its just their brains are working faster than their mouths can go. Many grow out of it as they get more of a grasp on language.

Get a referal and see someone - even if its just for your peace of mind.

Good luck honey.
Thanks. DH and I were talking this morning about it and saying that when he sings he doesn't have any problems.
I have been reading about it quite a bit this morning and am getting conflicting advice about whether or not to try and slow it down so now I dont know whether I am helping him or not sad He seems happy enough to repeat the sentence he trying to get out though if we ask him to so I think I might just continue with what I am doing until I hear otherwise.

Thanks again.

Through COmmunity Health I have just had an appointment with a Speachie.

First of all we had my DS hearing tested to eliminate it was his hearing different to your DS as he is stuttering.

My DS'S hearing was fine than I attended a drop in clinic where I voiced my concerns and I was given simple tasks to do with my son. I was than piriotised on the waiting list.

As of Thursday my DS has had a full assessment done now and we go back and see her Next Thursday where she will have developed a program for my DS.

It was a wait from Feb till now and I jumped at the chance to be seen as it was a short notice appointment as she had had a cancellation.

All the best and as I thought my sons speach had improved I wasnt going to take him but I'm glad I have now.
you can only get money back from medicare if a doc has referred you and its holding them back with schooling etc there are a lot of forms that the doc has to fill out as well as the speech therapist

mum of 3 boys aged 11, 13 and 14

Thanks for that info!
You dont need a referal. But ask your GP as vkw said they can fill out a form which gets you 5 sessions under the EPC (?) program. You will need to pay upfront then get the money back from medicare.

I am currently paying $75 a session and the initial assessment was $190 but ring around speechies in your area.

Ring your community health as others said and get on the waiting list. But the lists are long- ours is currently 12 months. I'd have him assessed and go privately and then when his name comes up on the list try them. If you like them then switch.

Feel free to Pm me if you have any questions. Although my son isnt having therapy for a stutter i can answer general questions smile
i had speech therapy when i was young as i stuttered. Apparently i copied it from another kid. I remember having to practice saying words, and repeating tongue twisters and stuff. It was about taking your time speaking, and feeling yourself say it, like with your tongue and lips and stuff. Also they teach you to say it in your head first, and then say it out loud. I was young, and i rarely ever stutter know. Sometimes i will have a little slip up if i'm really tired or excited!!! Good luck with it all, and definatley do it.
My DS had speech therapy in kindy (through the education dept.) for a stutter. It was arranged through the kindy and took about 4 weeks from the time the kindy put through the request to the time the assessed him. It was all done at kindy during his sessions and he done it for 2 terms before he stopped stuttering.

Im in SA though I think it varies between states.

Mummy to 3 little goblins

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