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Learning to Speak Rss

Zandy, I feel ur stress, as my son quite often cry's for things but we don't understand what he wants. He has just turned one and says 5 -6 words, all the usual like mum and dad, but he also says "whos that" and "what's that" especially when the phone rings, or we have visitors, but this is just through us doing and saying it and asking him. Maybe repitition is the key I can't say this will work but it just a solution. Just remember to add in praise and encouragement if the child has done right. Good luck with this and I hope it works.

vikki,nz,1 year old

My daughter is 20 months, and she can say several words but tends not to. She gets her message across without speaking. My friends have babies around the same age and they all say different words and some more than others. Most kids talk when they are ready. My son was slow at talking but once he started he hasn't stopped since. My guess is that my daughter will do the same.

trudy,nsw,mum to kai 5 & chelsea 21 mths

My son is now 19months and still not saying a word. I have to wait 4months for my son to see the speech pathologist. If anyone has taken their child to one can you please tell me what they do how do they get the child to speak?, maybe I can halp my son while we wait for the appointment.
My son is 2 and a quarter and still not talking. He has a referral for a speech therapist but I have to wait a WEEK for her to CALL me back - so heaven knows how long it will be until he actually gets in!

He has had a hearing test and can hear fine. He follows instructions so he understands too - just won't talk (has been heard saying the odd word now and then but won't repeat it)...he is babbling though....

I really feel that his speech will come in time - as do his childcare where he goes once a week BUT at the same time speech therapy may speed things along a little which will mean that he won't still be playing 'catch up' as he gets older.

I think that MOST kids will Talk in time 'when they are ready' as the saying goes...but if you ARE worried then a bit of speech therapy certainly can't do any harm!

Mummy to Owen (2) & Brett (6months)

Hey guys, thank you all so much for your advice. My daughter is now 2 1/2 and is now saying so much, half the time I am trying to get her to stop!
hi Rachel, I have a 2 yo son who also doesn't speak. It is very difficult and frustrating when all you can do is try and guess what they want. My son
was diagnosed with Autism in July and now sees a
speech patholigist. We are teaching him to use picture cards (pecs for pics CD Rom) or even photos to help him communicate with us. Although he his still little I have seen some results in him through this process. He is still not talking but he is able to communicate what he wants by picking up a card and giving it to me. eg. if he gives me a picture of a cup, I take the card and give him a drink, at the same time enforcing the word drink.
good luck

lynda, SA, 1yr/3yrs

hi, my little girl has just turned two and doesnt say much either. she has her own ramble language, which she does often , but not alot of clear words. she is slowly learning though, and i try to repeat them for her at least 3 times each so its clear which word goes with which item. sometimes i think half the fun for her is not to say anything at all cause she knows i want to hear it so badly. she will laugh at me sometimes and make it a game. I know she is very intelligent, shes just a little sneaky too. kids have different personalities, some are quiet and observe more, and others jump right in and just get grubby. your child will talk when they want to. my little girl talks in her language to her toys. maybe encourage that with your child, like role playing.Pick a favourite toy, and include them in your story time when you read to your child. after a while you could tell them that its time to read the toys a story and ask your child to read to them (of course we know its just pretend) you may not understand yourself, but you can still say "really", "wow", "tell me more". thats what has encouraged my little angel to start trying to talk. it may also work for you.

heidi, sa, baby girl 29/10/02

Hi there, I don't know whether this might help you or not but it might be worth having a look at anyway.

I have recently bought a book called, Baby Sign Language for Hearing Babies. It shows signs with your hands and the babies copy you. As they get confidence with using their words they start to use words instead of signs (sort of natural transfer). it is really easy to do and the babies love it. I have only just started with my 14 mth old. He has basically learned signs for cat and duck. I've started to try and teach the sign for 'more' and the neat thing is you always say the word as well as sign. So funny today I signed to my boy, would you like 'more' drink and he said, "yeah!" back. I also sign 'duck' and he makes a duck noise (his own version of course but I know what he means). So it is a great way of reinforcing words they might have heard heaps.

The book cost me $32.95 ($NZ).

There is a website - have a look at it for further information.

No I am not the author, so I have nothing to gain out of posting this.

If you aren't too sure - you could always send them an email.

I hope this helps.
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