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How many teeth? Lock Rss

My boy is turning 16 months soon and only has 8 teeth (with no more on the way that I can tell). He got his first tooth at 9 months. Does this sound normal? How many teeth do you bubs have?
my little girl is almost 15 months and only has 8 teeth. she got her first tooth at 6 months and she hasn't had a tooth come thru since january (almost 7months!) i'm not overally worried. i see a lot of young kids her age and they don't seem to have many more or as many.
if your worried maybe just call a denist?


I have 18 month old twins - so they are good for comparisons LOL!!

One has nearly all his teeth, he is just waiting for his canines and they look like they are about to break through. The other only has 8. They both started getting teeth at the same time as well!

So I think it sounds very normal. Some babies can be one and still not have any teeth.
Definately it's fine, they all grow at different rates. My 13 month old DD has 12 teeth and 2 more almost through. She was a late teether but then they just came all at once. My son got his first tooth at 4 months and lost his first 2 weeks ago (5 and a half years old) which apparently is early. So they're all different.

My friends daughter didn't get her first tooth until 18 months old, my friend was beside herself thinking they would never come! So again, all different smile

Until last week, my DS only had 8 teeth, and he's not quite 18 months old. They're all different, but I have heard that teething can be hereditary. I was a later teether and so was my mum, Lachie didn't get his first teeth for a while either. Might be worth asking your mum about your teething history if you're worried but it sounds fine to me. smile

My son is 16 months and has had 16 teeth since he was 14 months. Having said that lots of bubs in mums group have only 6 teeth at this age so I think that the rate at which babies get teeth vary. I wouldnt be too concerned.
my son is 18 months and has 14 almost 16 teeth i dont risk looking for them anymore!!

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