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Tell me honestly..... Lock Rss

What do people think of the harnesses that people use for toddlers walking around shopping centres?? I always said I would NEVER use one because I think they look like dogs being led around on a leash, but now that I'm a parent of a toddler, I'm not sure!! What do you think??

No problem with them at all!

I was fortunate in that my son never really took off from me so i never had to use one. However I think they are a really good idea for the toddlers that do take off. I think safety is more important than what people think.

I think that a lot of parents seeing a toddler with a harness wouldn't think badly of you. People without kids may be more judgemental but who cares what they think.

You can get cute ones with animals (like monkeys, teddies, koalas) that look like a back pack.

It's funny how our own attitudes and opinions change once becoming a parent :-)I had lots of ideas of what I would and wouldn't do as a parent before my son was born - now a lot of those ideas have changed and I definately don't judge anyone on their parenting decisions (unless abusive of course).
[Edited on 26/08/2009]
I too said I would never use one because they look awful - yet when my daughter started walking (and running!) away in the shopping centre I changed my mind very quickly!!

I bought a bear-backpack type one but we only used it once because she didn't grasp the concept that she was on a "leash" at all and would still just run off, and then get to the end of the "leash" and fall over backwards....a bit like a puppy really. Quite funny but not very useful for us!

So we ended up just persevering with "hold my hand" or always using a trolley instead. She's pretty good now and will only go a little way ahead but stay within easy reach.

I never considered that she wouldn't get it but its something to think about with your toddler too!
I think they are fine, before I had kids I would see a kid on a harness and think it was a bit off... now that I have kids I completely get why people have them - safety! Comes a time where your little one wants a bit of independence and to walk however likes to run off and doesnt understand the danger of doing so or of running onto the road etc... so the safest thing is to have them in a harness.

Forget what others think, do whats right for you.
Its an essential safety tool for some parents. My DD was a well behaved kid but v v active and spontaneous and would dart off if something caught her eye.....inconvenient at the supermarket, dangerous in car parks and a tragedy waiting to happen if you are walking along a busy street.

So we had a simple rule - walking on pavements she was in the pram or used a wrist strap (tried the cute backpack things - she hated the harness on it, but happily accepted the wrist strap).

Someone did comment on it once - i just said surely it was better than her running off and being hit by a car?

Didn't take too long before she learnt enough about safety to know to hold my hand all the time. Now she is nearly 3 and I now need to do the same for her 16mth old brother as he loves to run too - but she chases him, grabs his hand and tells him to not run away! V cute!
I had always said I wouldn't use one either and haven't changed my mind even as my dd got bigger. Although if they work for some people go for your life.

Hello..I have one for my DS who doesnt have a problem with it..we have only used it a few times mainly when walking to the shops because of the busy road and DS is a runner..
I put my sons safety ahead of what others may a matter of fact I have only had nice reactions..
Forgot to add that he only likes walking now and hates getting in the pram...
[Edited on 27/08/2009]

My grandad was dead against them until my mum and her twin sister started walking lol. The first time he lost them at the shops changed his mind.

I lost my toddler at the shops a few weeks ago, in K-Mart. He was next to me, his baby brother in the trolley, and next thing I turn around and he's gone. I looked everywhere for him, had all the staff in the shop looking for him, and it was 20 minutes before someone grabbed him near the front of the store. I was really frightened at this stage - a kid was molested in that same K-Mart store not 6 months ago. Her mother was in the next aisle when it happened.

DS1 was in so much trouble, I was extremely cross with him. he hasn't taken off again, but DS2 is close to walking so I think I will be getting one for him at least.
I haven't used one for my dd but I think if my ds gets to a stage where he likes to run then I would use one.

I would rather have people look at me funny for having my child on a leash then have my child seriously hurt or worse.

I think it's only childless people who look at you funny anyway.
Once you have an active toddler you understand why people use them!

DD is a runner so I have 3!! I bought 1 last year and lost it so I bought a new one then my mum bought one for when we go out with her and I forget ours. At almost 2.5 I still try to keep her in the pram as much as possible though as after a while she start yelling "mummy mummy let go, my monkey!!!".
I think they are great. My DS hates being couped up in his pram for to long, like when I go to the mall, so I have got a harness for him and I'm about to give it a go. I'm sure he would like it better then being in his pram. More freedom for him.
my ds is 2 and a half and he has one tho when we use it i still make him hold my hand. the harness is there just in case he gets away from me i only use it when we go for walks not in the shops and stuff as he is still happy to be in his pram, but once he is over the pram i will use it in the shops too, esp when i have dd in the pram as well as him walking.
rather have a kid on a leash than a kids with injuries or worse from being hit by a car or something. just ignore the looks!

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