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teeth grinding Rss

Ok now he has taken up grinding his 3 teeth together! The noise is awful, should I ingore it or try to stop him?? Just the thought of it gives me goosebumps AHhhhh..... :|

Em Tmba - mum to Liam 31/7/03 & Callum 7/5/05

Hi there, my son use to do exactly the same thing. It will pass.
Just ignore it, the more you react to it the more he will do it to get a reaction from you. Although it's a horrible sound to us, I think babies find the noise and feeling of it fasinating, I guess that's why they keep doing it.
thanks storm, I hope it will pass quickly!!

Em Tmba - mum to Liam 31/7/03 & Callum 7/5/05

my daughter does it too i think it takes the pain away from their teething or helps them cut. thats my opinin.

Narelle, Eilish 5th june 2002 TTC since dec 2002

Hi Ems,

My little girl started doing the same thing and everytime it sent shivers up my spine!! She seems to be over it now...I think she just found out she could do it one day and just kept doing it but I ignored it and haven't heard her do it for the last month!

Mum(29) - DS 7yr, DD 4yr & DD 2yr

Hi, my son was grinding his teeth a little whils back. My Nan said it's a sign of worms as did the pharmicist. He had started daycare a while before so I thought it a posibility and wormed him and he stopped a couple of days after. Could be a coincidence but if they're at daycare it could be a possibility.

Ezrah has done the teeth grinding twice since but only when I go mad on him for bighting me and the cheeky monkey grinds his teeth at me!! Where di they learn these things?
My little Hannah did when she got her top and bottom teeth then stopped. But now she has just got her first molars and does it all the time, grinds both back and front!

Tarryn, Country QLD, 11/06/03 Hannah

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