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My son not talking yet Lock Rss

Hi all,
My son is going on 2 and a half years old and he's still not talking. He seems to be able to understand simple commands and words when we talk to him, but he does not say any words. Instead he hums. I am a little concerned because it seems most other children his age are at least saying some words, but unfortunately my son doesn't seem to be trying to say any words yet. I know all children are different and develop at different rates and are late talkers, please can anyone give me some insight into this, I am hoping that he does not have a development problem and he is just a late starter with talking.
Hi I am sorry to hear about your boy. I would be going to you Dr.
Or try a HCN. My boy will be 19months old he only says 5 words.
Mum Dad Here Ball & fan. His talking is not the best. I also get
worried about it.

Have you got his hearing check?

I wish you all the best thank you for reading Amanda.

i was going to suggest a hearing test as well.
just to rule out any problems.
and i would also consult a GP because i think by 2 and a half they should at least be attempting to speak.
my DD is 21 months old and a HUGE talker. She says at least 50 words and never shuts up LOL I hear that boys tend to talk later than girls and it is true that they all develop at their own rate but i would just rule out any medical reasons like hearing loss or speech impediment.

good luck
Hi Amaandacann,

I hear ya, my son is 2.5yrs and would only grunt only... he could say mum, haha, hello. that is it.

My childcare centre (he goes once a week) suggested speech therapy. Relunctantly I took him and after first initial consult I didn't want to take him anymore.
We received a 5 page letter/results of what they thought and it didn't sound good at all. They said so many times he represents mild receptive and severe expressive language delays/disorder.

Firstly, Ryan understands absolutely everything, I tell him go put tea towels away , he know's which cupboard, I tell him we are having a shower, he goes and gets a towel and toothbrush and goes to the bathroom. He is not stupid but just won't talk.

Out of the initial consult however they suggested a couple of things. (Other then 50 sessions of speech therapy)...

1. Get hearing checked (to rule out any underlying hearing difficulties that may impact on language development.

2. go through early childhood advisory service (see your local child health for number) and arrange a developmental assesment to rule out any overall developmental difficulties. This can also be done through your childcare centre if he goes.

Since going to speech therapy (3 sessions so far) Ryans vocab has increased from 3 words to;

Mum, nana, nanu, money, ball, hello, bye, I, Want, jump, put, ha ha, yes, no etc....

I believe our kids will talk in their own time, I personally thought if I can help him in any way I will, which is why I chose Speech therapy.

Luke & ~Rhiarna~ 13.05.04 & Ryan 26.03.07

My son is almost 2 and a half years old and is only starting to say words.

I was concerned a while ago that he was not talking so took him to the dr. The dr refered us to the speech pathologist at the hospital who sent us to the audiology dept. After several tests of failing these he was referred to an ENT who told us he had glue ear in both ears causing a current 40% hearing loss (which wasn't permanent as we had caught it early on) He advised us we would need to get grommets put into his ears to drain out the fluid as well as get his adnoids taken out.

A couple of weeks after getting this done he started picking up words now if he wants a drink of milk he says to me "mum....juice".

The operation was done in August ( couple of months ago now) and the improvement is amazing.

I'm glad I took the initative to go to the dr. It was the best thing I could have done.

Some kids don't do things as fast as others but that was the reason behind my sons late talking.

My son is 2 and a half and doesn't say words. He also grunts,makes noises with his throat, and generally just points at stuff he wants. He understands things i ask him to do. I took him to my local child and family health clinic (government run and free) They gave me ways to try and encourage talking and we also went for a hearing test. His hearing is normal. After a few sessions with the speech therapist interacting with my son getting to know him, and asking me a lot of questions, she diagnosed my son with Developmental Verbal Dyspraxia. This is where the brain can't send messages to the mouth/tongue/throat etc to actually form words. There is nothing wrong with the muscles themselves.For example, if you want to pick up a pen, your brain sends a message to reach for the pen, move your fingers, grasp it and pick it up, all in one unconscious fluid movement. Kids with Dyspraxia don't get those messages. There are 3 types of dyspraxia, and kids can have a mixture of all three or just the one type. Problems with gross motor (walking, hopping,kicking a ball etc) oral dyspraxia where kids can dribble excessively and have problems eating/chewing food/drinking, and verbal dyspraxia where the formation of words is affected. My son luckily only has verbal. We have been attending speech therapy for a few months now, and i have to say it's worth doing. My son doesn't always like being there and at times can very frustrating for both of us, but he has definately come a long way with his speech. Therapy will take years and is very slow going as each and every sound has to be learnt by practicing it over and over again until it's second nature.Sort of learning how to talk by rote. I'm not sure if any of this helps, but i had no idea what was wrong with my son's speech until i started asking questions and getting as much info on stuff as i could and narrowed things down from there. Good luck with it all!

I gave birth to a cheeky monkey! smile

Hi amandacann,

My son is almost 2 and a half and isn't talking yet either.. I contacted a speech therapist and found out where he should be talking wise - at 18months a child should have between 20-50 in their vocabulary, and by 2 they should be putting words together to make a sentance. My son has 7 words in his vocab (all single syllable - mum, dad, ta, ball, car etc) and isnt putting sentances together. I couldnt get a straight answer out of anyone, and waiting to get into speech therapy is taking too long so i decided to do some research myself - it turns out its a high possiblity my son could have Atypical Autism. Again, we are waiting to see a pediatrition to confirm this. But i suggest you do your own research, if he is doing other things out of the ordinary?(does he HAVE to do or have things done a certain way), behavioral wise (does he get easily upset, have long tantrums, and cannot be consolled physically, like being picked up and cuddled and get aggressive towards you or himself?) Perhaps contact a Dr. and a speech therapist and have a chat to them about your concerns?
Thank you all for your replies and suggestions. My son is now going to the ABC learning centre 2 days a week. My husband and I think that one of the reasons as to why he's not talking yet is because before he was going to the ABC he's at home with me all the time and he is an only child at the moment (not for too much longer though!), so we thought that him being around and mixing with the other children will encourage and help him to start talking. I don't know if any of you found that this helped, but we believe that's what he needs and it will help him a great deal. Other than not talking, his behaviour is very much normal, just like any toddler, he's a good kid and he really enjoys going to daycare too which is great. The group carers there are very good too, they have said to me that they are too a bit concerned that my son is not talking yet, so we are now going to work together to try and find out what's going on. I don't believe he has any hearing problem, his hearing seems to be normal..Once again thanks for all your replies I'll let you all know how he comes along.
Hello our son has just turned 2 and is not talking. We have a hearing test booked for him this week. He understands most commands and can say dada and is attempting to say mum. But that's about it. He doesn't gesture either (wave goodbye or hello). I am worried sick and have looked up everything on google which has just made it worse. Has anyone had any experiences with late talkers etc?
Jhewett wrote:
Hello our son has just turned 2 and is not talking. We have a hearing test booked for him this week. He understands most commands and can say dada and is attempting to say mum. But that's about it. He doesn't gesture either (wave goodbye or hello). I am worried sick and have looked up everything on google which has just made it worse. Has anyone had any experiences with late talkers etc?

dont worry too much, my son was 2 1/2 before he stated really talking, we had gone though the hospital system for hearing and couldnt tell if he had a hearing problem as he refused to do most of the tests! hes now 3 and talking quite well cant really get him to be quiet, your boy may just be taking it all in and storing it up (strong and silent type lol)
My daughter is 2 and a half and has just in the last 2 weeks started to talk. She went from about 10 words to 50 in one go. No sentences yet - but 'no doctor'came out yesterday, and 'no bath.' It will come. I didn't worry because I knew she understood everything and behaved appropriately. Having a vocabulary of 50 words by two in rubbish I think. Sure, some kids will, but two of mine were barely making sounds at 2 and there's nothing wrong with them.
I wonder how long it took for the OP's son to talk?

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