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Pushing all boundaries Rss

Hi, I have a 2.5 year old son who pushes all boundaries. Eg, he misbehaves constantly when we are out of the house, especially at the shops where he will just run off and do his own thing and refuses to hold my hand. If I ask him to behave or else we go home, he doesn't seem to care because he hates the shops anyway. At home he is better behaved as we have time-out which works really well. He doesn't attend daycare or Kindy yet - (we are on a waiting list for daycare) but at playgroup on occassion he hits and doesn't do what he is told for example, when asked to sit down. Am I expecting too much of him or does he need tighter boundaries? How do is discipline him when we are out of the house?

Mum to Bub

When I went shopping with the kids I always took a harness and only used it if they refused to stay with me. They didn't like it and soon learnt that it would be used if they didn't listen. I started to put it on them at about 15 months.
At playgroup I still use timeout for the girls. My youngest has just turned two and she is a bugger of a kid at home and out of the house. I get a lot of support from the Mums in my group as they all use time out too. The kids quickly learnt that they couldn't break the rules just because we were out. Alot of us have found that our kids are settling down more when we take them out because we support each other so much at playgroup and don't feel we would be judged if we do disapline our kids.
There are time though I have left my youngest at home with Hubby or dropped her off to my Mums before shopping because I don't have the energy or patience for her that day. I'm hoping that as she gets older she will relise that if she misbehaves then she misses out.


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