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Punishment... Lock Rss

I was just wondering what other mummies do in this situation....
If your DD or DS are misbehaving for eg. if they are touching something that they are not allowed and been told no a million times, or doing something they should be, what you do to when they ignore you. Do you tap there hand ?
What do you do???

My son is costing me a fortune he has broken 2 crystal sets and a glass bowl, and i will tap his hand and say no and he will just go back to it.

PLease Help!!

My son is 20 mths old. I gove a warning eg. " ashton out that down now!" then if he keeps doin it i either smack him on the hand or put him on the naughty spot depending on what it is. Smacks dont seem to scare him so the naughty spot is for the bad things like touching oven, china or smacking any of us. I dont se ethe point in smacking him for smacking others. lol doesnt work. SOmetimes i just ipulsivly smack his bum and he hate sthat but i usually try and use the naughty spot. hes only just strated to stay there the l ast mth or so. so it depends o ur childs age.

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I have two boys now - 5 and nearly 2. My husband and I lived by the rule - "If you don't want it touched, then pack it away." We did this with figurines, CD's, DVD's, books etc. We cut boards out, stained them and then strapped them in front of the cabinets or shelving. Then after a long time, gradually started taking the boards down. We found that after a while the boys forgot that something was there, and stopped looking for it. It's not the most stylish way to deal with this, but we found "overusing" the word NO lost it's importance for the seriously dangerous things, and also saved us constantly being the "don't touch" police.


Viv, mum of Cam & Dan

Hi Sammie and Zayne,

My daughter is 21 months and we smack. She gets a warning and then a smack. This works for us, she hardly ever gets a smack and we have not put anything broken, nor have we packed things away.

I know that this is not the politically correct thing to do but I figure its your choice. I have also used consequences like throwing out a toy if she refused to pack up or taking away her meal if she keeps getting down from the table. After this happens once or twice I find the battle for that particular issue is finished.

I also make Alyssa look at me when I am telling her not to touch or giving her an instruction and make her answer me to indicate that she has heard. I'm not sure how old Zayne is though, so this may not be an option for you.

Hope this helps.

Carly and Alyssa.

Carly - mummy to Alyssa, Ava and Mason

Hey! Joel gets tapped on the hand after a warning! Always a warning first!
But he is now at the stage where he will be doing something naughty and says uh uh uh! And after I warning he will come and tap ME on the hand!

We used to buy those cute little hard plastic bowls for Joel but he kept throwing them and breaking them!

He also goes back to doing what his not supposed to be doing!
Like we try distracting him! But as soon as his had enough..well!
I just want my good boy back! lol
I think I prefered it when he didnt do anything! lol
Ill defintely not be taking it for granted next time! LOL

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i believe there should be boundrys when it comes to kids. they will touch and grab anything that is not pinned down. i use to tap alot when my daughter use to misbehave or touch something. but i found sooner then later that it doesnt always work. they need a strong command voice and if they misbehave, throw and tantrum or touch then they should get a warning only once.then if they do it again, take them by the hand and place them in the naughty corner or what ever u come up with and tell them to stay there for so many minutes depends on childs age and leave. if they follow u, place them back to the spot and dont talk or make eyecontact with them.when i do that to mydaughter, i get a reaction out of her and i like it cause she knows she done wrong. after her 2minutes i tell her to give me a kiss and a hug. it works all the time. it does take a while but its worth it. i do tap her hand but only occasionally. my daughter doesnt like the word no , so i dont get much reaction out of her. hope this helps.

philippa mum of Charley chicken

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