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Kindergarten in Rockhampton Qld Lock Rss

Hi ladies,
As some of you would know from other posts I am new to Rockhampton and have a 3yr old little boy. Next year he will go to kindergarten, which will break my heart I love having him at home with me. Anyway I know he needs to go but was wondering if any mums out there have any feed back on which Kindergartens are good in Rockhampton or even daycare centres. If we can't get into a Kinder (I'm mot sure about waiting lists) we will look at Daycare a couple of days a week. Any feedback or advice would be really appreciated. It is a tough decision for me I have never left my son at all ever and am a bit nervous about it all. Thanks I look forward to your feedback.
My son went to Narnia last year, it was wonderful. It's in Robinson Street behind the N'th Rocky pool and across from the High school.
The lady that runs it, Mrs Dawson is one in a million. If we had more teachers as patience and "genuinely" interested in our kids as she than we would never have a worry sending our kids off into the big wide world.
There is a waiting list but I would ring them anyway because it changes alot during the year.
I found the price of Kindy was cheaper then Daycare in Rocky so it may pay to keep him home until next year.


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