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hearing problems???? Rss


im not sure if my 4yr old has hearing problems, i have noticed he is starting to yell alot when talking to people and have also noticed his speech is not as good as it used to be, he started talking when he was around 12mths old and was a very good speaker, has anyone else experinced this?? can they loose their hearing as he has only just started doing this this?? i am going to get his hearing checked but was just wondering.

I haven't experienced this myself, but I work for a hearing company and there could be a few reasons for this.

I would first go to the GP and get his ears checked for wax.

If they are clear, then I would book him in for a hearing test.
Alot of places don't do children under 5/6yrs unless they have two audiologists.
And some Public hospitals do the tests, but there is a longer waiting time (like about 6-8 weeks).

I have one number here that I can give you to call.
Australia Hearing - 13 17 97
But also ask your public hospitals too as they are usually free and other places can be around $100 for a test.

Thank you for your reply, i have had him checked at the gp and said his ears were clear, i had gromits as a child and so did my sister so maybe thats what he needes, i have him booked in to get his hearing checked on feb 2.
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