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Sustagen for Toddlers? Lock Rss

I was saying to someone that I'm going to take DS (2) to the doctors to find out about putting him on a multivitamin or something, as he is really not eating alot at all at the moment.
They suggested giving him sustagen, as it has protein and all the vitamins. I know nothing about Sustagen, if it is appropriate for kids, what it has in in, etc. Has anyone given this to their kids, is it even safe for kids to have?
Thanks smile

as far as i know you can give it to kids but i would speak to the chemist they may be able to help. If it were me i would give him toddler formula if he is not already having it for the extra vitamins and iron etc hope this helps


We use it at work (I work in a nursing home) for people who are under weight and not eating well. I think it is kind of similar to formula but you make it up into a pudding type thing. We also use another product called ensure which smells and tastes the same as formula.
Have you tried googleing it?

I would go and speak to your doctor first

Hi Nikki smile
I think Fee used to give it to Cooper, but I'm not sure, have to ask her about that one.
On the not eating a lot topic, we found that Madi would eat a lot more if I let her eat with kiddy chopsticks, cos it's fun. If I remember rightly some fabulous person may have given Kohen a pair for his birthday wink

Thanks for the replies smile
I'll have a look into it smile
Son, some fabulous person did give Kohen some kiddy chopsticks, I'll give it a go, but he's just not interested in eating at all lately. Oh, unless it is chocolate :/

I don't know about that but you can get Pediasure for kids. One of the autistic boys I care for pretty much lives on that.
The Dr suggested we put our DS1 (who is a poor eater) on toddler formula and Centrum, a multi vitamin.

DS1 2006 - DS2 2008

hi I checked a tin last night and it said not for under 3 years. We used to give dd1 the odd nesquick plus or milo.
I had a quick look when I was in the supermarket today, and yeah it did say not suitable for children under 3. I think I might have a chat to my doc and see what he suggests.
Although as soon as I make plans to do something about it, he was eating great today :/ LOL

I would give sustigen over toddler formula. Toddler formula has a lot of sugar in it.
I use it for A when she isnt eating a lot, but I dont make it full strength - usually just half strength. I wouldnt think it a long term solution to an eating problem in such a small child.
Yeah definitely. I'm thinking purely along the lines of as a vitamin supplement while he is going through a fussy eating stage, he goes through them on and off.
I know when I'm not eating well, or when I'm off my iron supplement, I feel really crappy, so I imagine he probably would too?

Pedisure is basically sustagen for toddlers/kids. The other option is to give him a toddler formula like wyeth toddler gold. My DD (22 months)gets it once to twice a day at the moment because she isn't eating properly either.

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