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15 mnth old not walking Lock Rss

Hi, i have a DS (2nd child) who is not yet walking. he has just turned 15mnths- my other ds was walking at 14mnths. He has strted taking a few steps, but is still so wobbly. just does not seem interested.. would love to know when others childrens started waking,., i dont think its late yet- (think if he isnt walkin by 17m that is classed as late) he also only says mum, dad, jack, ta & has now started saying ball, but not often.. how many words do your little ones say.. you would think that i would know all this after already ahving one child.. thanks in advance
My DS (2nd child also) didn't walk til about 18months.
He still doesn't talk a lot - babbles and carries on, but not in English! lol
He's 21months now...

They get there eventually.

Hi there, yes i have a little boy (1st child) he is 15 months old he not walking yet either, when we hold both hands he runs on tip toes but when only holding with 1 hand he doesn't walk properly like he's pengoen toed and wobbely. Im not exactly sure why this is. I also have a friend who's youngest son was 19 months when he started walking properly by himself, before that he was taking a few steps at a time.

If this is of any help im glad, but im worrying about my son with the same problem. so we are seeking medical advice.


Thanks for that gals- ELB82008 would you mind tellig me what medical advice you are getting? i wouldnt really class it as late waking just yet? thx
Hi all, been to the family bowen therapist, he doesn't seem to think anything wrong, he'll grow out it. But he did suggest to put his toys up higher so then he'll have no choice but to try the walking on flat feet, but when he's waiting on his bath to be ready he crab walks flat footed but still penguin toed. He not late he just learning slowely, but i doesn't help that when i was about his age i did the same thing so i guess he has my geans when it comes to learning, but once i hit a particlar age i flew thou it. So i guess it's time to play the waiting game...

Chat later xx oo


Hi if you're worried you could take him to a physio, my eldest DD didn't start walking til she was nearly 18months, prior to this she use to knee walk.

My DD use to walk on tippy toes and penuin toed and the advise I was given from the physio was to massage her feet every morning and night and grab hold of the front of her feet (at the toes) and stretch them back doing this about 5 times, her poor little feet were so tight.

Also to help with the tippy toe walking, buy some hard soled shoes and let him wear them for a couple hours a day, I was amazed how my daughter started standing and cruising with flat feet after taking the physios advise.
hi, my2bubbas, thankyou, we took our son to the bowen therapist, he sid to start putting shoes on him, so we have. but he's not 1 for leaving them on. but i'll try what you said and see what happens.

Thanks again. xx oo


i dont think its anything to worry about just yet my DS2 didnt walk till he was 16-17 months.

My first walked at 14 months and second at 16 months, also to all the mums that have kids that turn their feet in, we went to the podiatrist for this and try not to let them sleep on their belly as this affects the hip and turns them in and don't let them sit with legs in a W shape (don't know how else to explain that here) they should always sit with legs crossed or straight out in front and most kids will grow out if it.
my son who is now 16 months walked at 12 months... However baby is different my niece didnt walk until she was 16 months. I wouldnt be to concerned at all, they will walk in their own time. smile

My 2 year old son commando crawled at 5 months and didn't start crawling property until he was 9 months. I thought he was never going to crawl!

He was 20 months when he started to walk. We were getting concerned at 19.5 months when he wasn't walking, so our doctor checked him over and suggested shoes to help strengthen his weak foot muscles. Aftern wearing shoes for a few days he never stopped walking

I have certainly learnt that all children develop in their own time and you have to try not to compare yours to others.


Hi my DS is 23 months old. He only started walking around 15 & half. I also hate it when people say how big he is.
With his talking is not good. Only 6 words he will learn a word but then stops saying it. The word he saying is no.

I also feel there is a lot of pressure put on our kids.

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