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1 year old tantrums Lock Rss

hi there all, im sure this is a very big topic! My boy billy is 1 at the end of this week but is driving me crazyy!! He chucks tantrums and wen u try and calm him, scratches u or flings his arms about. He also is always whinging in frustration because he cant do things. I know this is normal but i am going mental. He also doesnt listen when u tell him not to touch anything and even laughs at you. I need your pearls of wisdom!

I have 3 boys!!!

Hi there,
My little boy has just turned one, he does the same thing lol. They are learning their independance! My son comes from feisty stock lol, so Im sure that its in his genes!!! But really, you arent alone! I had a mother tell me recently that what he is doing is wrong and shouldnt be tolerated. Like helllloo? We are talking about a baby here, not a 3 or 4 year old! They dont know any better! Haha, sorry dont mean to laugh, but my son also has started laughing at me. Its a game to them!
Cant be much help sorry, lol, I think we just need to sit back and grin and bear it for the time being (hard I know when they insist on pressing tv buttons or pulling at the blinds lol)
Good luck!
Oh and do you also cop the supermarket tantys?? Hmmmm I look forward to those every Thursday tongue

Jess (22), Chris (22) and Kaden (22 mnths)

Hi lucy0505 my daughter just turn 1 years old the other day and when she doesnt get her own way she throw herself on the floor and screams til you pay attention to her and sometimes she laughs at me, I know how you feel and does your little boy do that with his father cause my daughter doesnt do that with her father but she does it with me all the time and somedays I get so frustrated with it.

Tracey,Jaye (girl)12/06/05, Sam (boy)10/07/09

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