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underweight??? Lock Rss

my eldest daughter is 5 and only weighs 15 kilo she looses weight no-matter what she eats any ideas welcomed please help.

jade, sa

My eldest daughter is 5 also and weighs 22 kilos. Your daughters weight dosent sound right you should get her checked by a GP. She may have a food deficency such as celiac disease.

vic, 2 girls, 20m and 5y

My daughter is turning 5 on the 1st of june she has always been on the very low end of the weight scale. She weighs around 15 kilos, i have had her checked out by specialists. She is 100 percent fine and is just a small, fine boned little person. People make alot of comments about how little she is but i know what goes in and out of her body and she is fine.

Ceri mother of 4

Hi, My daughter is 5 and turns 6 in September. She weighs 14 1/2 kilos. People are always commenting on how little she is, but she is bright, and active and doing well at school. She is a very fussy eater, and doesn't eat much. I have discussed this with my GP but they always say she'll eat if she's hungry and as long as she's healthy. She has a multi vitamin everyday. I have considered getting a referral from my doctor, as it's hard not to worry about these things.


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