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16 mth old says NOTHING Lock Rss

Hi, I am concerned because my 15 mth old (nearly 16 mth old on the 25th) says nothing. She used to say ma (more), up, mama and dada, but she has stopped even these words and makes no coherent sound at all.

She babbles all the time, and her receptive language is excellent (can follow one step instructions easily). She uses non verbal language frequently (waves, can sign "finished", beckons us with her hand and grabs and turns her body when she wants to keep something she knows she is not supposed to have lol!) but she just does not say anything. I would not say she has even one word now. My son, who is now 4, had about 20 words by the time he was 13 months, so this is incredibly worrying for me.

Is there anything i should be doing? We have had her hearing tested (my son has a mild hearing impairment, yet his language was better than his sisters at the same age!!) and it has fluctuated over the last 6 mths, but her last test said her hearing is fine. I use every trick i know to get her to talk, but she wont. Should i be considering speech therapy at this early stage? If she had any words, i don't think i would worry, but not having any (and having lost the few she had) is stressing me out!!

Your thoughts would be appreciated.

Don't panic it's apparently normal behaviour. My 20mth old babbles all the time and used to say lots of different things but then stoped and went onto something else then reverts back to the babbling again. We were told recently by a professor in early childhood development that this is normal behaviour.
Heaven help us when they start saying normal words we understand.
DD is 17 months and can say Mumma, Dada, Nan, Ta, Car, Ju (juice) Gog (dog) and Whats That but she doesn't always use her words except whats that I hear that word all the time. She understands the basic language like "Do you want a biscuit" and will go straight to the cupboard.

She saw her paediatrician at 12 months as she was a month prem and her development was appropriate for her age so I am not worried that she is not saying many words at this stage.

DS Jacob 15/4/03 DD Kaitlyn 16/09/2008

I wouldn't worry, I would just keep making sure you speak lots her so she is getting to know the words, I am sure they are in there she is just not ready to be saying them yet.

Sometimes children tend to focus on the physical development eg walking and will then start to concentrate on their language as they focus all there attention and development on one area.

Encourage her to use words to ask for things and simple words such as "up" "hug" "stuck" "help" etc. She will learn that using words will help you to better understand her needs.
I wouldn't be concerned at this stage.

My DS is 16 months and started out saying Dad and Car as his first words and now he doesn't say them at all. He babbles a lot but does say Mum, Toot and Go lol. Mostly though it's "Gah gah gah" but in a very conversational tone lol like he is trying so hard to tell you something.
I've got a nearly 16 month old who's exactly the same. He has hardly any words, prefers to point or sign for things. At the moment, everything is "Da Da" - the dogs, his dad, the cats!!! He can say Momma and ba (which apparently means dummy or bottle (we call it a Bop Bop)but that's pretty much it! I'm not worried at all, I talk away to him all day and he understands what I tell / ask him to do. It'll all come right eventually.

DD was exactly the same but once she got to 16 month within i reckon a week not only was she saying stuff but was constructing sentences it was amazing so maybe your little one will be the same smile i know plenty of little ones much older than 16 months who arent saying anything much so i wouldnt worry yet smile
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