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What does your toddler weigh at 18 months? Lock Rss

My daughter is exactly 18 months old and she weighs 9.5 kgs. What do other toddlers weigh at this age? She seems small compared to others her age. She was born 3.45kg at birth so she was a good weight then. I'm not sure if I should be concerned or not. I get her weighed every now and then and she doesn't loose any weight she just seems to be slow at putting it on.
It really depends on parents build. I have a 5 month old whos 11kgs but his dad is 6'3 and Im 5'9. But i have a niece whos 2 years old and weighs not much more. Every child is different. As long as she is eating well and healthy, i wouldnt worry.
My DS weighed 14kg at 18 months but he is also very tall for his age, DD2 on the other hand is 6 months ATM and weighs a bit over 6kg which is very very light, both from same parents so same genetics, one is going to be rather large and the other quite petite but both are healthy and no one is worried about the weights.
I'd go by her other milestones and not worry about weight smile

had our daughters 18mth health check the other day and she was 11kgs( in clothes) and was 80cm tall

my dd is two weeks off 18 months. she weighs 8.9kg. she was a healthy 7lb when born but has virtually sat at the 8kg mark since 11 months. i took her to a couple of pediatricians and althought they agreed she was underweight all her tests showed normal. my dd eats about 3-5 mouthfuls of food a meal, wont eat dairy, stopped drinking her milk so is impossible to give the advised additives to fatten her up. since she likes sausage rolls so much i made different batches of them up with things like spag bog in them, only adding the things she eats. now she will only eat the pastry off my sausage rolls. i have been advised by the doctors that its a waiting game and that she will eat when she is good and ready and not before. however, i feel much better having had taken her to pediatricians to make sure she is ok. all the toddlers i our group are little fatties and eat 10 times she does but at least i feel reassured now and at least done the right thing and had her checked out. good luck its a real struggle when kids wont eat
At 18months, my son was 9.6kgs. Your daughter sounds perfect! wink I used to stress all the time, but I refuse to now! My DS is smaller than a lot of other kids, but he's perfectly in proportion for himself & is fine boned. Both dad & I aren't big. His eating is crap, but that's coz he's a toddler! Some days he'll eat really well & others not so well. The most important thing to me is that he's pooing & weeing well, he's meeting milestones & more & he's rarely sick. He's a very healthy little boy!! Don't stress too much - like I said, she sounds perfect!

oh you've got a petite DD smile
My DD is 13mths and weighs 10.7kgs and is 80cms. ideal weight for her height. mind you, she is a vulture and LOVES food, she will eat all day if allowed! She has lost the baby rolls, but is still solid. DH and i are both tall. DD was 3.4kgs at birth
My DD just had her 18 mth check and weighed 13.2kgs, at her 12mth she was 12.1kgs.......I'm glad she is finally slowing down as she has been in the 97th % since 6mths old!!! She is also very tall for her age!
My DD was 18 months old yesterday and also was weighed yesterday she is 8.4kg, length 72.3 and HC 43.8!!

All babies are just so diiferent

My little man weighs almost 14kg at 18 months. Not really too much fat just a solid and tall boy. Haven't measured his height in w while though.
My ds is 18mths and weighs just under 11kg and people are always commenting on how chubby he is and how solid he is!... I thought he was a fairly average size... Who knows, they are all so different, unless your gp is worried about something then I wouldnt be worried by her weight at all. My nearly 4 yr old weighs only 14kg its hard to get my head around her only being 3kg heavier than ds when there is about 2 yrs between them. and It cant be our genes as we by all means are not a petite family, my family is made up of giants! As long as they eating enough, are active enough, and happy enough then in my opinion they are just fine the way they are smile
Dd2 is almost 19mths and only 8.3kg amd average with height at 83cms... She is tiny but thriving smile

I am kitty wink

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