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daycare for toddler Lock Rss


I recently put my 2 year old son to daycare. It's now the second week, he wont eat for have a worried specially he wont eat..can you help me with tips or suggestions? Or is this normal because he's just started daycare?
Did you do any visits to the centre prior to him starting..did he geta chance to familiarise himself with the surroundings and the staff? I found this helped a lot with DD2 when she started at care, she settled in after about 2 weeks.

DD1 took alot longer to settle, but was only going 1 day a week. She would cry when I left and cry when I picked her up, and ask for me all throughout the day.

Sorry I dont really have any tips to help you. Perhaps if you have the time you coudl take him to the centre and stay there with him for a few hours here and there to help him adjust?

You might need to have a chat with the carers. You would be surprised how many great ideas they have as they have usually seen it all!
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