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Toddlers & hitting animals Lock Rss

Hi everyone,

I have a 23mth old daughter who hits animals. this usually occurs when the animal (cat or dog) comes near me or goes near her things. I thought it was jealousy related...

Has anyone else had this problem with their child? how do you stop it? i have tried teaching her to be nice to the animals by patting them but it doesnt seem to work.

does anyone have any tips or suggestions? im really concerned that one day she'll hit a dog and get attacked...

Help !!
Is she really hitting them or just patting them? I ask this because my DS who is 18 mths tries to pat our dogs but to someone else it would really look like he was hitting them! Also, he tries to sit on the little dog as this is his way of saying he really likes the dog and is trying to sit on the dog to get cuddles.

Maybe try taking your DS to a petting zoo so she can see how others behave with animals.

Maybe she really doesn't like the animals? If that's the case maybe try and teach her to say something like "out" to the animals.
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