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Competitive mothers!!! Lock Rss

Back in 2001 - 2002 My eldest daughter Alisha was developing really slowly. She wouldn't talk, took for ever to toilet train and wasnt keeping up with other children her age. All the mothers I know would talk of how fantastic and smart there babies where and I would listen and feel happy for them and there babies achievements.On the other hand i felt sad that I had nothing special to say about my litttle girl.
years pass and I have a second child Alexandra who is now 21 months old. She is just amazing talking in sentences, counting, toilet training doing all these fabulous things that i am really proud of, so I catch up with the mothers from years ago who have younger children simular to Alexandras age and im so excited that i now have my turn to boast about my baby. So I spend the day talking up my little girl. To make a long story short nobody wants to talk to me now.
I dont know what I have done wrong here. Im just so proud and I wanted to share it,but i have been out cast. I listened for years to there storys about there children and always was happy and supportive of them. Sorry to unload this on to you ladies im just really hurt over all this....any replys would be great.
PS. my eldest daughter Alisha has now caught up to the other children and is kicking some butt in prep this

vic, 2 girls, 20m and 5y

hey kel its mim
i think both your girls are perfect in every way
i love the way that Leeshie is a real kid,loves to run in the mud and run a muck under your feet
i love the way Alex says "Bucks" and has the prettiest face,she's really turning into a litttle girl
i only wish i am half the mother to Lillie as you are to your girls
you make sure they have a proper meal every night and they always know how loved they are
i am so proud of you and am very proud to have you as my SIL
Love Mim
P.S see you sunday

Lillie....1 year old!!!

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